Big Bang : Kejriwal Exposed for Fake Quota Admission in IIT Not on Merit

Yes you read the headline is true, The CM of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal got exposed on his own degree and way of admission to IIT kharagpur. He was getting lot’s of hype from media and AAPIYO on PM’s B.A. degree, but he got big bang too on his degree and fake admission way. From RTI (Response to Intervention) the matter is become large in media sensation and it’s the trolling part for Kejariwal.

After revealing the RTI result, there is no record found of Arvind Kejriwal on IIT- JEE admit card from IIT KharagPur. RTI’s copy is shown below and the important points are highlighted, this is a double standard which is shown by the Delhi’s CM.

Kejriwal ITI

Kejriwal ITI

No Record Found of Arvind Kejriwal on IIT Kharagpur

The Shocking news was revealed by the Hindustan Times and its shown below.

  • There are illegal quota of in IIT is working since from last 60 years, what is illegal quota? The illegal quota is way of filling the empty seats filled by approach of Staff, teachers, Directors of IIT. They have to just clear there entrance exam of IIT-JEE and there is no need for you  to rank or not. They need to just clear their 12th exam with 60% and above.
  • This illegal way is banned since 2005 and there are no IIT or JEE cards and score cards found of those who appeared the IIT in this way. And the Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal entered in IIT 1985.
Arvind Kejriwal Exposed

Arvind Kejriwal Exposed

And this point will clear your all doubts and make you clear about the “Highly Recognized Double Standard of Arvind Kejriwal. He was entered to IIT in 1985 and at that time the Director of IIT Kharagpur was “Professor G.S. Sanyal”. The father of Arvind Kejriwal has is working in Jindal Steels at high designation and he approach to the O.P. Jindal.  O.P. Jindal and Professor G.S. Sanyal was in good relation and that’s why the Arvind Kejriwal get in to the IIT.

He was frequently asked question to Mr. Narendra Modi about his degree and now everyone has to quoted him about his IIT score card of Kharagpur. 

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