Surfshark 3 Year Deal 2023 [83% Discount On Three Year Plan]

A few times ago there was Surfshark 3 year plan with all access and features benefits, which makes you keep in joy and work without wasting time paying again & again. Also, you do not have to face the issue of updating or money issues, just pay at one time for all packages of the “Surfshark 3 year deal”.

But the issue is here the Surfshark 3 year offer has been closed now. So if you are confused about choosing the plans you are in the right place.

Surfshark comes with a 2-year plan with all the same benefits and features which makes you again into the work with joy. Now you can go for a two-year plan instead of thinking or looking more about the Surfshark 3-year discount deal.

How Much Does Surfshark 3 Year Offer Cost?

The Surfshark 3-year discount deal was charging $466.2 for 3 years without a discount but now the Surfshark 3-year deal has gone, for now, we need to move on with the best offer with the same features which is 2-year plan of Surfshark. 

Things were going well then but because you didn’t need to update or pay yearly or monthly. But if you choose the 2-year offer of Surfshark you are saving more than you were paying for 36 months and this offer is for a limited time period. So grab the deal with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Which Features Do You Get With Surfshark 3-Year Subscription?

Features Of Surfshark VPN

Features Of Surfshark 3-Year Plan

Surfshark 3-year plan is a popular choice for users who are looking for a long-term commitment. 3-year Surfshark plan offers access to all features at a discounted rate. Surfshark 3-year plan costs $1.94 per month, which will cost you around $69.99 for 36 months.

These are some key features of Surfshark’s 3-year plan:

Unlimited Simultaneous Connection

With the Surfshark 3-year plan, you can connect as many devices which you want to connect to your device. This feature is very helpful for small business organizer and user who have multiple device. So enjoy this feature with Surfshark 3-year plan.


Cleanweb is the premium feature which you get with Surfshark 3-year plan. It is an ad-blocking and anti-malware feature. With this feature, you can enjoy your browsing without any ads and anti malware on your device.


MultiHop is a Surfshark premium feature, with this feature you can route your internet traffic through multiple servers in different countries. This feature will add an extra security layer while your internet browsing.

Camouflage Mode

You can use this Feature with Surfshark 3-year plan. With this feature, you can convert your VPN traffic to normal traffic, which make it difficult for anyone to detect that you are using a VPN service.

NoBorders Mode

NoBorder mode is a feature that allows you to bypass internet restriction. So that you can access geo-restricted content in countries like China and Russia. You can also access age restricted content by just tapping on enable button on Surfshark by using Surfshark 3-year plan.

These are all features and benefits you were getting from Surfshark 3 year deal. But let me inform you that the same all things you are now getting in 2 year plan of Surfshark with all same access. Even you are getting upto 81% huge off if you buy a 24-month plan of Surfshark with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Surfshark 3 Year Offer Still Exist?

No, Surfshark 3 Year Deal does not Still Exist now. This 3 year deal with Surfshark was delivered in past but From now you can have the trendy plan with a significant discount of 2 year offer. With the same features access and a huge discount of up to 81% discount which makes it the better than Surfshark 3 year plan.

As per my perspective, we are getting more benefits in 2-year plan according to the Surfshark 3 year discount deal. I would like to give you the advice to go with the two-year plan and start working smart with joy because as we know that Surfshark 3-year deal 2023 has closed now.

Which Surfshark Plan Should I Take In Comparison To 3 Year Plan?

There are a few plans in Surfshark that you can choose according to yourself. But I would like to give you an opinion to select the plan which provides you with the same features with a good discount. Everyone wants a discount on their plans to save more. 

Here comes the Surshark 2-year plan with up to 81% off in comparison to Surfshark 3-Year Deal. With all the same features which you were using in Surfshark 3 year discount at a much less price and the same benefits. I am also using the same plan with more benefits for saving and all the same features.

Is Surfshark 3-Year Plan Worth It?

Yes, it is total worth buying Surfshark 3-year plan for grabbing the exciting feature and benefits. If you go for the short term plan, it will charge you an expensive amount in compare to Surfshark 3-year plan.The Surfshark 36 months plan is one of the most affordable options on the market VPN. If you’re looking for a long-term commitment and want to save money, this plan is a great choice.

Second, let’s consider the features. Surfshark offers a wide range of features that are designed to enhance your online experience and protect your privacy. From ad-blocking to multi-hop, Surfshark has something for everyone.

Overall, we believe that the Surfshark 3-year plan is a great value for the price. It offers a wide range of features, excellent security, and unlimited simultaneous connections, all at an affordable rate.

Does Surfshark 3-Year Subscription Work With Streaming Apps?

Yes, Surfshark works with streaming apps like Netflix, but Surfshark does not provide any subscription for 3 yrs. Although you can have the 2-year plan off Surfshark with a huge discount of up to 81% off, so do not miss the chance to grab a huge discount on one of the best VPNs.

You will have 1700+ servers in 60-plus countries, so use wherever you want with great speed and fast servers of Surfshark.

Can I Get Surfshark 3 Year Deal For Free?

No, there is no way you can get any Surfshark deals for free like Surfshark 3 yrs deal. But you can have 7 days free trial on your Android, iOS, and macOS.

There are many VPNs in the market which are free, but not good enough in their security service or speeds, and even also harm your devices. So just get Surfshark 2 yr plan with a huge saving of up to 81% with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How Do I Cancel Surshark 3 Year Offer Deal?

Yes, you can cancel any Surfshark subscriptions, but there is no such deal as Surfshark 3-year deal. Let’s have a look at the steps for the cancellation of any subscription to Surfshark.

  1. Go, visit the “ Setting menu” 
  2. Then click on the Name section 
  3. After that click on “Subscription”
  4. Then make click on “Cancel subscription” 

You have to cancel the subscription in a given time period, then you will get back your refund under the given period.

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