Why Choose SEO Now: 13 reasons How Search Engine Optimisation can help your Business grow

Why SEO matter?

Over the last few years, the number of people using the internet has risen dramatically due to the ease of internet access. Hence SEO becomes an important and integral part for anyone who targets this online audience to pitch/promote/connect with an online presence. Search Engine Optimisation methods are a set of rules through which you can optimize your webpage/website to rank in various search engine results including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In today’s world where everything, from ordering pizza to purchasing your car insurance happens online and because of this why SEO matters more than what you can think of. Let’s dig deeper into this topic.

Why SEO is important?

Why SEO is important

For me, SEO is more likely a heart (optimal part) in the body that pumps blood (drive traffic) to the body (website). In simple words, SEO is the most essential method for the website to rank on search engines and gain traffic. Also, SEO helps directly/indirectly to improve your online presence among your target audience. 

If you are looking for the most effective marketing tactics for business growth then you can count on this. SEO rank your position on search engine platforms and bring organic traffic to your website.

Evolution of SEO

SEO began with a simple set of rules which were to be religiously followed. These, in turn, helped your webpage/ website to rank in search engine results. Over time SEO has evolved to provide users with the best possible experience. In the last few years, the Search Engine Giant Google has silently introduced the use of artificial intelligence to improve search results and provide a more unique and user-friendly experience. 

As of now, there are more than 200 factors that Google evaluates to give better search engine results.  

How Search Engine Works?

How search Engine works

Search Engines are designed to show the most relevant results according to user queries. By using more than 200 search engine factors & artificial intelligence they provide you the desired result.

Looking for something else? Don’t worry about search engine each of your activity and according to your experience, it will show a better result next time. 

There are several ways in which SEO can help you. Let’s look at them:

13 reasons why seo matters

  • High-Traffic: SEO helps you improve your website’s ranking on search engine platform which affects your traffic. The more traffic the website gets, the better is the conversion. For example, if your website on the top position of search engine it will gain high traffic compared to your competitor’s website. SEO also helps you create an online presence for your brand and thus help you build your Brand Image.

High traffic

  • Customer Behaviour: SEO helps you to understand your customers and their requirements. You don’t have to shoot arrows in the dark as through SEO you can target specific audiences and in turn make more profits. Just analyze the data and work on it.

Customer Behaviour

  • Increase Sales(for businesses): High-Traffic will convert into customers that simply means that your sale rate will increase and you’ll generate more revenue.

Increase sales ratio

  • Cheap Promotion: Instead of hiring a celebrity to promote your business or cause you can invest a little in SEO to advertise your business/cause/product is a more effective and cheaper way(Almost free if you do it yourselves). You don’t need to spend a lot of dollars in the advertisement. SEO advertise your website for almost free 24*7 and 365 days.

Cheap promotion

  • Good Quality Content + Bad SEO = Low Visibility: Today only having good quality content on your blog or website is not sufficient. SEO helps good content to reach wider audiences. SEO compliments good content and will help your already great quality content higher in search results. Many people spend a lot to produce better content but optimizing the content for the search engines is equally important.

Good quality content+SEO+High audience

  • Long Term Result: In today’s world, It’s a myth that advertisements are long term result provider. The fact is that SEO is far better at providing the long term result than compared to advertisements(a lot cheaper too). In fact, through SEO you can advertise your product/service to many different platforms and devices.

Longer term results

  • Trust & Relationship Builder: Successful business does not get build in a single night, you have to build trust with customers for this. SEO provides you with a lot more visibility in the online world. The more you are seen by people the more they get to recognize you/your brand. Over time this will help you build trust among your users/customers/target audience. 

Trust and relationship builders

  • Best Influencer: Looking for a good influencer who brings customers, SEO is the one. You don’t have enough time to tackle thousands of your competitors but SEO has. It won’t be a lie if I say that it’s the best influencer you can get. The proven fact is that SEO influences people and made them realize that they need that thing but in reality, they don’t.

Best influencer

  • Increase Social Media Followers: Who don’t want followers nowadays, Everyone is busy to increase their followers. The businessman also needs follower for their business. Very few know that you can increase your followers by SEO as well. Just optimized your website with social media sharing button and when a visitor likes a post on your website there is a higher probability that they will share it.

Increase social media followers

  • Measurable Results: Results provided by SEO are measurable and you can set your goals according to the results. You can try a different strategy according to your previous data and come up with a more effective marketing strategy.

Measurable results

  • Website Speed, Safety & Security: A well SEO optimized site perform faster, safe for users and also secure for payment purpose. If your website misses any of the features, then you are probably never going to rank on top.  Directly or Indirectly a better-optimized SEO websites more secure, safer and faster

Website speed safety and security

  • SEO Connects You With Your Target Audience: SEO helps you to hit your targeted audience from the billions of population. For example, you are running a blog on Fashion niche then SEO will only target those audiences who are interested in Fashion.

SEO Connects you with your targeted audience

  • SEO Helps Startups to Grow(For Business): SEO customer behavior data who helps a business to focus on their targeted audience and provide the services/products that they looking for also helpful to Startups. By this data, Startup grows and achieve their business goals.

SEO helps start ups to grow


There are several more reasons for which SEO is important. We have discussed most of the above. Do let us know in the comments How SEO Techniques have helped you? Also, let us know about your favorite SEO Optimization method

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