Clip Studio Paint Sale 2023: Get 50% Off On CSP Sale 2023

Clip Studio Paint Sale

Clip Studio Paint is considered one of the best drawing, painting, and comic making software and is also recommended by many professionals. Besides drawing, this software can also be creating Comics and Manga, Animations, etc. At present, by shopping through the Clip Studio Paint Sale 2023, you can get this software at a price way less than the original one. So, don’t miss this chance and make maximum use of this CSP Sale 2023.

The Clip Studio Paint Ver 2.0 Release sale is live now. Claim this limited time offer now to grab upto 60% discount on latest version of Clip Studio Paint software.

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Clip Studio Paint Sale 2023 - 50% CSP Discount Sale
Clip Studio Paint Sale 2023 - 50% CSP Discount Sale
Get 50% discount on both versions of Clip Studio Paint EX and PRO during this CSP sale 2023.
50% Off Clip Studio Paint Summer Sale 2023
50% Off Clip Studio Paint Summer Sale 2023
50% Off On CSP Pro & Ex Versions with summer sale of Clip Studio Paint

About Clip Studio Paint

This software is very popular amongst creators and is also considered very safe. It was developed by Celsys, a Japan-based graphic company. Initially, it was named ‘Comic Studio’ and was only available for Windows and Mac. But, with some further updates, it started supporting other operating systems like iOS, Android, ChromeOS, etc. Currently, you can get this software at a discounted price by shopping through the latest CSP Sale. You have to just use our Clip Studio Paint coupon code while shopping during this sale.

Up to 50% Savings With Clip Studio Paint Sale 2023

Clip Studio Paint is very nice software but it is priced a bit high than its rival products. But at present, you can get this software at a price way less than the original one. For this, just shop this software at the Clip Studio sale 2023 to get massive discounts. These codes are very helpful, and you can find them on our official website.

Clip Studio Paint Ex And Pro Discount Coupon
Clip Studio Paint Ex And Pro Discount Coupon
Up to 50% Off On Pro & Ex Versions

Features Provided By Clip Studio Paint

Features Of Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint provides lots of amazing features for drawing and painting. Besides this, it also provides dedicated features for comics and manga creation. You can get access to all these benefits at a very low price through Clip Studio Paint Sale 2023. The main benefits that a user can enjoy by using Clip Studio Paint are: 

Drawing with ease

It is very easy to start drawing with Clip Studio Paint. It comes with a set of customizable pens and lets you change the texture, size, and type of these pens according to your requirements. Besides this, it also lets you set the pen pressure in just a few strokes.

This software also has an in-built stabilization function that allows users to draw error-free. And with its high-quality rulers, you can easily draw perfect lines without any mistakes.

Plethora of brushes

Clip Studio Paint Brushes are the basic thing because of which this software has become too popular.  This software allows you to choose from a variety of quality  Clip Studio Paint Brushes. It has thousands of preset brushes that can be customized. Besides this, it also comes with hundreds of decoration brushes that can be used for decorating your project. You can own all these brushes by shopping through Clip Studio Paint Sale 2023.

Standardize coloring

Coloring is a very tricky task but Clip Studio Paint has made it very simple. It comes with six color pallets that can ease the work of color picking for you. Besides this, its eyedropper also allows you to pick a color from anywhere (inside or outside the workplace).

It also comes with a tool named Smart Fill that automatically fills the empty spaces by following the dots. And if you are still facing any issues in coloring then you can use its AI colorization that can even color complex projects with perfection by following the color hints.

Various types of adjustable layers

Clip Studio Paint comes with various kinds of layers like Raster layers, Vector Layers, Tonal layers, etc. All these layers are adjustable and you can blend or merge them. You can also change the color, opacity, texture, and thickness of these layers. 

Availability of vector layers

It is one of the best features of Clip Studio Paint. Vectors are a set of tools that lets you edit or recreate the lines that have already been drawn. By using these tools you can redraw or edit lines by using the control points. Besides this, you can also redraw vector lines, show vector paths, and correct the density and width of these lines.

Supported 3D editing

Clip Studio Paint also supports the use of 3D figures. You can freely add 3D images and objects to your project and can customize them accordingly. Besides this, CSP also allows users to view 3D figures from all possible angles at once for drawing with efficiency.

CSP also supports AI posing and comes with some adjustable 3D models that you can use for drawing characters. For this, you have to just change the size and proportions of that model.

These are the major features of the software. For further info, you can also check Clip Studio Paint Advantage And Disadvantage.

Supports multiple layers animations

CSP can also be used for creating multi-frame animations and these can be exported in the form of Videos, Gifs, or Image sequences. It also provides an option named Onion-skin that can be used for viewing adjacent frames. You can also use its preview and edit option for working efficiently. And the best part about CSP is that it supports audio (music tracks, sound effects, and voices) and you can set the playback speed of every single frame according to these audio tracks.

These are some of the major features that a user can own by shopping through the CSP Sale 2023. So, don’t miss this amazing sale and use our Clip Studio coupon at the earliest to make maximum savings.

Is Clip Studio Paint Free?

Clip Studio Paint is not completely free rather it provides a trial version for up to a specific period. The duration for which the Clip Studio Paint free version lasts is:

  • On Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, and Chromebooks you can use it for free for 3 months.
  • With Galaxy devices, it can be used for free for up to 6 months.
  • For everyday free usage, you need to have an iPhone.

So, these are durations for which you can use this software for free. You can also easily initiate Clip Studio Paint free download through their official website. It also available for a monthly subscription during the time of Clip Studio Paint Sale 2023.

However, if you are a professional artist then it is recommended to use any of the paid versions as this version comes with some restricted usage. And by shopping through CSP Sale 2023, you can also get an amazing Clip Studio discount on this software.

Clip Studio Paint Ex And Pro Discount Coupon
Clip Studio Paint Ex And Pro Discount Coupon
Up to 50% Off On Pro & Ex Versions

Clip Studio Paint EX vs PRO: Version of Clip Studio Paint?

Primarily, Clip Studio Paint comes with two versions named Clip Studio Paint EX vs PRO. The PRO version is considered best for Clip Art, Character Art, and creating Illustrations. But if you want software for Comics Manga and Animations then you should go with the EX version. You can also use Clip Studio Paint Ex Discount as it is an add-on version of the PRO. Through Clip Studio Paint EX Sale or Clip Studio Paint Pro Sale, you can get discounts on both versions. The additional features included in this version are:

  • Multiple Page Management: With the EX version you can create and manage multiple page projects in one place. You are also allowed to rename every single page.   
  • Limitless Animations: The PRO version of Clip Studio Paint also supports animation although with that version you can create animations up to 24 frames only. But with the Clip Studio Paint EX version, you can create animations without any frame limit.
  • Multiple Exporting Options: The EX version provides multiple exporting options to the user. With this version, you can export files in multiple formats including Kindle and PDF. Although this option is only available for PC users. 
  • 3D image conversion: By using the EX version, you can also convert 3D lines and figures into dot shading and lines.

So, these are the major paid versions of CSP that are available in the market. And through Clip Studio Paint Sale, you can get a discount on both of these versions.

What Is The Biggest Clip Studio Paint Discount To Grab?

As there that CSP offers two versions named CSP PRO and EX. You can claim heavy discounts on both of them. For this, you just need to shop during the CSP EX Sale or use our Clip Studio PRO sale code.

What is Clip Studio Paint Debut?

It is one of the versions of Clip Studio Paint and provides some of the standard features included in the PRO version. If you are a beginner then choosing this version can be a suitable choice for you in the coming CSP Sale 2023. Although this version is not available as a standalone version. It is either sold on special occasions or as bundled software. However, you can get amazing discounts on other versions of Clip Studio Paint through CSP Sale 2023.

Clip Studio Paint User Support

If you ever feel stuck while using Clip Studio Paint then you can take the help of the support of CSP. For solving most of the user queries or Clip Studio paint sale-related issues, you can have a look at their FAQs and tutorials. And for critical issues, you can directly contact the support team of CSP through emails. 

When Does Clip Studio Paint Go On Sale 2023?

The major occasions during which Clip Studio Paint sales get live are Black Friday, Spring Sale, Winter Sale, Cyber Monday, etc.

Does Clip Studio Paint Do Sales?

Yes, there are various sale campaigns that are initiated by Clip Studio Paint during the year.

How Often Does Clip Studio Paint Go On Sale?

As per our observation, Clip Studio Paint goes on sale at least once in a period of two months.

When Is The Next Clip Studio Paint Sale?

The next CSP sale 2023 might be the Clip Studio Paint Spring Sale or Back to School Sale which might happen in May.

Is Clip Studio Paint a one-time purchase?

Clip Studio Paint provides both options to the users. Either you can purchase it for a lifetime or you can opt for its monthly subscriptions.

Is Clip Studio Paint Free on PC?

You can purchase Clip Studio Paint on PC for up to 3 months for iPhone. However, to use it on PC, you need to use it to pay any of its subscriptions through Clip Studio Paint sale 2023.

Is Clip Studio Paint Good?

Clip Studio Paint is one of the best software for creating art and comics creation that is currently available in the market.

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