Clip Studio Paint Ex And Pro Discount Coupon

Clip Studio Paint Ex and Pro Discount coupon

Clip Studio Paint Ex And Pro Discount Coupon 2023

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Clip Studio Paint is an amazing art and painting software. It is available in two versions named CSP EX and CSP PRO. By using our latest Clip Studio Paint EX and Clip Studio Paint PRO Discount Coupon, you can purchase both of these versions at a discounted price.

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About Clip Studio Paint

This software was developed by a Japanese graphic designing company named Celsys. In the earlier days, it was compatible only with Windows and Mac devices and was sold as ‘Manga Studio’. But later on, it was named ‘Clip Studio Paint’ and started supporting other devices like Android, iOS, etc.

Clip Studio Paint Sale 2023: Get 50% Off On CSP Sale 2023

Clip Studio Paint is considered one of the best drawing, painting, and comic making software and is also ...

Clip Studio Paint EX and PRO features

As mentioned earlier, this software is available in two versions, named EX and PRO, and the EX version is nothing but just an add-on of the PRO version. The PRO is considered best for creating Character Art, Concept Art, and Illustration. Whereas the EX is suitable for creating Comics & Manga, and Animations.

Both these versions have some similar features that you can enjoy through our CSP EX and PRO Discount Coupon. The major features that you may find in common between the EX and PRO version are:

  • Plenty of easy-to-use drawing tools: Both versions of the Clip Studio Paint are supplied with lots of drawing tools. These tools include hundreds of brushes, pens, pencils, etc. All these tools are customizable and can be used with ease.
  • Easy color selection: This software comes with 6 color palettes that can ease the work of color selection for you. Besides this it also allows you to use the previously uses colors or import color from other files or programs. For making coloring easy, it operates with an AI colorization technique which automatically fills the color by just following the hints.
  • Supported various layers: CSP also supports various layers like vector, tonal, etc. All these layers can help a user to work in a better and professional manner. 
  • Supports animation creation: By using both the version of the Clip Studio Paint, you can also create attractive animations. CSP also supports the use of audio files in the animations.
  • Compatible with various devices: Clip Studio Paint can be used on various kinds of devices. The major operating systems with which it is compatible are Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chromebooks, etc.

So, these are some of the major features linked to the use of Clip Studio Paint. And with the help of the latest Clip Studio discount code, you can also get this software at a discounted price.

Additional features provided by Clip Studio Paint EX

As it is an add-on version, so it includes some additional features which are only accessible with it. These features are:

  • Longer animations: The PRO version of Clip Studio Paint only supports the creation of animation. Although with that version you can create animations of up to 24 frames only. But with the EX version, you can create animations as long as you want without any frame restriction.
  • Multiple page management: The PRO version of CSP lacks this feature. Although with the EX version you can manage all the pages of a project at once. You can also export in various supported formats like PDFs, Kindle, etc.
  • 3D to lines conversion: The use of 3D objects is restricted with the PRO version. Although with the EX version you can use objects and can convert them into lines or dot shadings.

So, these are some of the major features that are supplied only with the Clip Studio Paint EX version. With the help of our latest CSP EX and PRO discount code, you can get access to these features at a discounted price.

Clip Studio Paint Ex And Pro Discount Coupon
Clip Studio Paint Ex And Pro Discount Coupon
Up to 50% Off On Pro & Ex Versions

Benefits of Clip Studio Paint EX and PRO Discount Coupon

CSP Ex and Pro sale

If you are an artist or a cartoonist, then you can enhance your drawing skills with the help of this software. And the best thing is that both the versions of this software are currently available at a 50% discounted price. For availing of this offer, you have to just use our currently active Clip Studio Paint EX and PRO Discount code. For knowing more about this offer, you can visit our store page of Clip Studio Paint Sale.

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