A week after Google June Broad Core Update : Many big websites report huge rank and traffic drop

Its been quite a week! Not really after the recent broad core algorithm update by Google. Many of the big websites have reported a huge drop in overall traffic due to the ranking drop in the google search result. Google in a first-ever pre-announced the “Google June Broad Core Algorithm Update” with a tweet on one of its official Twitter handle.

Now almost after a week, many websites have been able to feel the heat. Dailymail.co.uk a reputed news website from the UK reported a 50% drop in traffic. A cryptocurrency website CCN.com was hit hard by the new update so much so that they have decided to shut down their operations. In their blog post – CNN attributed their shutdown to google.

Many other authoritative websites reported a drop in traffic days after the new google June broad core algorithm update went live.

sources: ccn.com , search engine journal 


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