How can We Generate Income from a Blog or Website

Blogging is the most popular platform in these days. Peoples are creating a blog for sharing their interest and experience through blogging. But some people want to get rich through blogging. We can post many things on our blog but the question is How can We Generate Income from a Blog or Website?

So Here I am mentioning a list of earning income from blog and website. This will help you in generating a huge amount of money through your blogging website.

The first step is having a blog and website if you are having it already then you have to follow these few steps for generating money.

Some tips for How can We Generate Income from a Blog or Website

How can We Generate Income from a Blog or Website

If you are a blogger or want to earn more and more by your blogging side then use these tips and earn the maximum amount of benefits from a website. By optimizing these things efficiently you can easily earn maximum profit from a blog & website.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is also known as Pay- Per-Aquisition. It is performance-based marketing In which a business earns and rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor and buyers bought by the affiliates own marketing efforts. It is a plan where an advert is placed on your blog and website. In affiliate marketing, you will not get anything on the clicks, it requires someone to make purchases through a link. Your advert will have a code attach to it and once payment is made for it you will get a commission of it. The commission will depend on the service and goods. Many companies pay commission on repeated sales.

Adsense – Adsense is the oldest and popular platform for monetizing a blog and website. There are many alternative presents like BuysellAds, PropellerAds, Chitika, and Skimlinks but Adsense is the daddy of all of these. It is very easy to insert your website in the world of Adsense adverts. You have to signup in the adsense account and the code is generated which you add to your site. The ads can be horizontal and vertical and they are geo-localized.

For example, if your website is about cooking the user in Delhi is reading your post so with the help of the adsense they are able to see a list of various advertisers in that area will show and the list of different cooking classes in the area. If a user will click on the provided link and goes to the provider site then you get paid.

Requirements for registering in Google Adsense

  • Your blog and website should be 6 months old.
  • You have to follow all the terms and conditions of the Adsense.
  • You have to be realistic

Banner Advertising- Banner advertisement is a rectangular graphic display that is shown on the top, bottom or sides of the websites or blogs. It is also known as a display advertisement that includes images and media and it is usually placed on the high-visibility areas on high-traffic websites. Banner advertisement is attractive it attracts customers easily and generates a sale of the product easily. If banner advertising is advertising a product, try to find out what the percentage is available for commission on a sale on that product.

Social Media- Blogs and websites are getting very popular through social media. This will also help in generating the sale of the product easily. Social media will help you in increasing the traffic of a website and this traffic will also affect the sale of the product. So social media will also help in generating income for a blog and website.

Hotel Room Booking- It also works as an affiliate marketing. In this, a code is a mention in your side if someone book a room through that link or code then you will get a commission on that booking. These types of links are beneficial for the traveling website. They can earn more income through this advertising. But it is not compulsory that this is only for the traveling side any business can earn profit from this.


These are some methods you can use for generating income through your website and blogs. Use these methods and earn more and more. If you build it then you will earn more. I want to suggest that if you want to earn more with these tips then don’t use these all tips together. If you are a blogger then affiliate marketing and Adsense is a better option for you. If you write a news writer then banner marketing is more working for you. So use these tips according to your need and earning sources.

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