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Bing ads discount coupon

The digital marketing world is getting bigger and bigger day by day because it allows brands to expand their business into new geographical locations by posting their Ads on the internet. Bing Ads is one of the biggest online advertising agencies that offers one of the best plans to promote their business. If you have a business and want to promote it then Bing Ads could be one of the online advertising platforms for you. And by using the Microsoft Ads discount coupon, you can save a massive amount in your pocket.

What are Bing Ads?

Bing Ads is an online advertising platform owned by Microsoft. As online marketing grew, Microsoft developed its advertising system for allowing users to post pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements just like Google’s Adwords.

Earlier it was known as Bing Ads but in 2012 it was replaced with Microsoft Ads. Bing Ads displays user’s ads on bing as well as Yahoo and other partner sites.

Key Features of Bing Ads

Bings Ads offer a wide range of key features with its advertising platform that helps brands to target a wider range of potential customer. These features are below outlined

  • Import Campaign: If you have a campaign already running on Google Ads then Bing Ads an import campaign feature that will allow you to import your Google Ads campaigns and run the same on the Bing advertising platform. It helps users to save their valuable time by not asking them to create a new campaign.
  • Pay for one and post on many: As mentioned earlier, Microsoft has three search engines – Yahoo, Bing, and AOL. So if you run an advertising campaign on one platform, your ad will be displayed on all three platforms and various partner sites.
  • Targeting: Bing Ads offer advertisers to target audiences based on their device type and operating system. It has an option that allows the advertiser not to display their ads on the desktop if they are targeting only mobile users. By running an ad campaign you can target local as well as global searchers. You can target customers within a specific distance from your business and that helps advertisers to grow their business locally as well as globally.
  • Reach: It is well known that Google dominates the global market of the search engine but it doesn’t mean that post an ad on Bing Ads will be a waste of money. Because a large number of global internet users use Bing to search for their queries. Bing has around 34% share of desktop search. So it is worth running an ad campaign on Bing Network because it will help you to target a base of a large number of potential customers which you may not be targeting earlier.
  • Less competition: A large number of search volume comes from the Google network and Bing Network has a lesser search volume. But it benefits the advertisers. Due to less search volume, Bing Ads also has less competition and helps users to achieve their target with fewer efforts. By apply a bing ads coupon, you can get multiple offers and discounts.

Bing Ads Discount Coupon

Is Bing ads cheaper than AdWords?

Due to less competition, the average cost per click can be lower up to 70% on Bing Ads if you compare it with Google Ads. However, budget fluctuates by industry and advertiser in the digital advertising market. In simple words, pay per click has less competition on the bing platform so clicks are cheaper than Google Ads and that offers more to advertisers for their spending.

Bing ads vs Google Ads

Google is a giant in the search engine market and Bing is far behind it because of less search volume on its platform. But Bing offers various benefits if an advertisers run an ad campaign on its platform and that’s what makes Bing ads different from Google Ads. Below are some major differences outlined between both platforms.

  • Competition & Cost:  Bing Ads and Google Ads have similar auction dynamics but despite less traffic, Bing offers numerous benefits such as cheaper CPC and better ad position. The average CPC of Bing is 33% cheaper than Google. 
  • Granular Control: Google Ads provides you network, ad scheduling, location, language, and rotation setting at the campaign level. It restricted the ad groups into their campaign-level setting. On the other side, Bing allows advertisers to use these options at the ad group level that takes less time to create a new ad campaign.
  • Targeting: In Google Ads, the campaign by default targets all desktop, tablet, and mobile. It doesn’t allow the user to adjust their tablet bid or opt-out desktop from targeting. However, Bing advertisers can opt-out of tablet and desktop traffic from their ad campaign. Also, you will be allowed to target users based on their operating system.
  • Control: Google offers two options to users at their campaign level: target Google search or target Google search and search partners. On the other side, Bing users have the flexibility of targeting just Bing & Yahoo, just search partners, or both at their ad group level.

Bing ads discount voucher

Will the Bing Ads voucher code benefits you?

Bing Ads is one of the biggest advertising platforms after Google ads. It has less search traffic and that’s why competition is also low. That’s what makes this platform cheaper. By using Bing Ads you run an ad campaign at a much lower price than Google and target untargeted potential customers. Cheaper CPC, low competition, better transparency, and targeting options makes Bing Ads a good option for advertising. And to save more money, You can avail yourself Bing Ads discount coupon that will save a heavy amount in your pocket.

How to use Bing Ads discount Vouchers?

By using Bing Ads voucher code saving money is not a big task. You can save a huge amount by using some easy steps which are below outlined:

  • Visit our website
  • Click on the coupons on the top navigation bar.
  • Then find the Bing Ads coupon code and click on it. It will take you to the page of Bing Ads discount coupon.
  • Click on the code and copy it. While checking out just paste the copied code and your discount will be successfully availed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Bing Ads Discount Coupon

Are Bing ads worth it?

We will not recommend you spend all your budget on Bing Ads. But you can use the Bing ads with other advertising platforms and that will help you to reach and target a new potential customer base. So yes, It’s worth using Bing Ads.

How much does Bing advertising cost?

The average CPC across industries on the Bing platform is $1.5 and the average CPC is 33% lower than Google. That benefits the advertisers. Due to low volume and cheaper CPC, Bing Ads helps users to achieve their business goals.

What is Bing ads certification?

Bing Ads certification is a similar certification program to Adwords certification. It offers training to Bing customers and conducts an accreditation exam in which they must score at least 80% to receive the certification.

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