Advantage And Disadvantages Of PPC

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is one of the superior ways to improve your business online. If regulated properly it can give you outstanding results. PPC is a short form of Pay Per Click. 

PPC is an online marketing strategy that includes advertisers paying a price when their ads are clicked each time. In other words, PPC is a method that includes purchase visits to your site instead of trying to acquire those visits through searching organically.

But there are several advantages and disadvantages of PPC let’s find out how effective is PPC for your business?

Pros And Cons Of PPC Marketing

In Short


  • Cost-efficient
  • Correctly Targeted
  • Easily Tracked
  • Customizable
  • Speedy
  • Branding
  • Budget Control


  • Time Killing
  • Requisite Skills
  • Increase Cost
  • The amount of clicks is not equaled to sales.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of PPC

Pros of PPC or Pay Per Click



The advertiser does not have to reward for showing their ads. PPC is cost-efficient as the advertiser has earned the cost only when their ad is clicked by the viewer. As the word says, the Cost-per-click model. The business or the advertiser has a hold on spending as they can specify the budget for paid search.


Correctly Targeted

Pay Per Click Advertising is a correctly targeted marketing method. The ad is shown on the top of the search results only when the user types a particularly relevant phrase or related keyword to their ad. The ad with a link to a targeted web page is shown on top of the search results, conveying the interested customer to their site.


Easily Tracked

To find out the achievement in online marketing campaigns, it is crucial to track whether the right folks are being targeted or there is an enhancement in the inflowing traffic. 

Pay Per Click provides advertisers to track the efficacy of their ad in actual time. They can obtain quick data regarding the efficiency of the keywords, the number of traffic is generated, etc.



The advertiser has overall control over every factor of the advertising campaign including title, content, URL of the page, etc. Pay Per Click or PPC is a customizable advertising strategy. 

It can be customized according to a campaign marketing campaign. You can generate various small adjustments to enhance based on what works best for the site.



PPC marketing listings acquire quickly. Usually, it takes some days to be shown in the search results. The consequence of PPC marketing is nearly quick. Relatively SEO or Search Engine Optimisation takes months to display some positive results.



PPC marketing strategy plays a vital role in branding. If the user does not click the ad in the search results, they observe the name of the company along with their site. Products can be promoted through this strategy. You can create awareness of the launch of the product or service among people or significant campaigns in the future.


Budget Control

With PPC Marketing, you don’t need to spend a minimum, an advertiser can fix a maximum budget based on their online campaign. The advertiser or business can decide on the number it desires to spend per click on its ad.

So, above are the advantages of PPC now let’s examine the disadvantages of PPC (Pay per click)

Cons of PPC or Pay Per Click


Time Killing

PPC advertising campaign demands a lot of time plus concentration. The advertiser requires to provide a lot of time to enhance, improve the campaigns daily to acquire the best results. It does not require a single day of effort, it needs daily surveillance and updating.


Requisite Skills

The establishment of powerful PPC campaigns is not easy. It needs skills and knowledge of online marketing and how to operate an online ad campaign. It requires specialists knowledge in auction, configuration, reporting capabilities of different ad networks. Most advertisers hire expert agencies for PPC services.


Increase Cost

If the PPC marketing campaign does not regulate in the right way, it can misfire on the budget.  The campaign must be regulated and optimize on the daily basis, else it can increase cost and less ROI. Usually, companies end up spending more on a PPC campaign when they are stuck in the bidding battle over keywords with their rivals.


The amount of clicks is not equaled to sales

The business has to pay to a Google when the ad is clicked however not every click gets transformed into sales. Once the user opens the site and the business has to persuade the user to buy the product or service. The number of clicks looks great in terms of statistics along with figures yet it leaves a bad impact on finances and goals if no conversions occur.

Bing Ads Or Google Ads?

Currently, Google ads are the popular PPC program. Bing also provides a similar kind of PPC or Pay Per Click marketing campaign. An advertiser has to register or sign up with the ad program to work on a PPC campaign on a particular budget. Google places monthly limits based on your advertising budget.

For instance, You have decided on the budget of $500 then Google will enable the ads to be displayed only a few times every month based on your budget plus goals. Paid ad will be shown at the top of search results when the viewer searches for that keyword or product. 

The Advertiser has to pay a fee to Google when the user clicks on the ad. The ad will be shown in targeted sections several times a day. The price per click can vary from $1.00 to $50.00. The current average cost per click is between $1.00 to $3.00. The same works for bing ads and get free credit with bing ads Promo Code.

Similar to all marketing as well as advertising methods, PPC also contains some positive and negative aspects. Let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of PPC so that you can conclude is it better to invest in PPC in marketing strategy or not.

Final Verdict For Advantages And Disadvantages Of PPC

These were some of the advantages and disadvantages of PPC however, after analyzing we can surely say that the advantages are heavily outstripped the disadvantages. You can easily acquire great benefits of PPC also enhance your conversions by investing in a skilled PPC agency.

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