Google BERT Algorithm Update October 2022

Google has announced the latest BERT update in recent years. The latest Google BERT Algorithm Update was announced on 24 October 2019. This is one of the biggest Google updates for the last 5 years as google will affect 10% of queries. BERT ( Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) Algorithm is a neural-based technique for natural language processing. It is similar to the RANK BRAIN which main focus is to provide accurate results to the users.

This update brings significant changes in the Search engine ranking. Now the Google will focus on interpreting the intent of search queries. Rather focusing on the user’s query on the word by word basis BERT allows Google to focus on the exact phrase to give accurate results to the users. With this latest update, Google is becoming more better in interpreting what users are actually looking for.

Does this Google BERT Algorithm Update affects the SEO of your website?

This latest update will definitely bring changes in your ranking but the best part is that it is not the algorithm update that will penalize your website.

Sites which has quality content and have accurate answers of search query will get up in the search engine result page while sites that do not have a proper answer to the query will drop its ranking.

The best way to win this update is to put quality content on your website which will answer the query of your targeted audiences.


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