Make your travelling experience more adventurous with Top 5 Travel Blogs

Travelling is one of the best experiences in everyone’s life. Travelling creates the best memories of a human’s life. also gives us a new visit of taste, culture, and living. People do not have enough time for traveling but few people love traveling and share about their traveling adventure through a blogging platform. If you want to see the different blogs related to traveling then you must check the top 5 travel blogs and try to experience something new.

List of Top 5 Travel Blogs in the world

Here is a list of the top 5 travel blog you love to see and gather information about the different places for traveling.

1.  Migrationology


Migrationology shares information on its own traveling and food experience. The owner of this blog is Mark Wiens. He believes that when you are traveling food is a better way of connecting to the people. While traveling it doesn’t matter which culture and country you belong from while traveling only one thing in common that is food.

Migrationology means learning something new and passionate about learning and growing in that passion. This blog share a lot of information about a different country and country food. If you love traveling then you will also love this blog and desire to experience all the places presented in the blog.

2.    The Drifter Collection

The drifter Collection

The drifter collection is a collection of beauty of nature of different places and has a huge collection of various engaging photographs of beautiful places. The site shares the experience of the beautiful and talented traveler Kacey Mya Bradley.

Her content is very inspiring and beautifully written. While reading her blog you want to experience these all things once in your entire life. She is an eager traveler and nature enthusiast. In her blog, you will see fetching and wonderful sceneries, gracious photos. In each photograph, you will see a different culture and story she has shared on the blog. Her blog is a stunning collection of different places and cultures. Kacey Mya also shares some DIY tricks, tips of traveling, some inspirational blogs, and many more topics.

3.    Girl vs Globe

Girl vs Globe

Girl vs Globe is an adventurous platform of a Scotland-Native Sabina. Sabina is the owner of this blog who loves traveling to different places. She visits many places till now and mentioned all the places in her blog. Sabina travels the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. She travels to many places in Europe, where she visited Austria, Britain, France, Germany and many others. Sabina also shares fashion, food tips on her blog. The blogs are very good and worth your time.

4.    The Professional Hobo

The Professional Hobo

The professional hobo is not related to the study or any other professional career. It is a blog that shares information related to a different destination and places. This blog is having a wide collection of places that you want to travel once in your life.

Nora Dunn is a traveler and owner of this blog who is always curious about traveling to different places. She always shares the experience of her journey on this blog. Nora Dunn travels the world on a budget and chronicles her journey to help you go on adventures without breaking the bank as well. With the collection of different destination she also shares financial tips which will help you to cut the cost of traveling.

5.     The Barefoot Nomad

The Barefoot Nomad

This blog is a collection of the adventurous traveling of Charles and Micki Korman and their children Cole and Jordan. The Kormans have traveled to many places with their kids the places are Cuba, hong-kong, Spain, Costa rides and many other countries over the year.

This family is traveling since 2003 and share all the experience through this travel blog. In this blog, you will able to learn some traveling tips which will help you at the time of travel.


Above you read about the most famous traveling blog which will help you in traveling. On this above-mentioned blog, you will be able to read about the different destinations, food or culture. They have a vast collection of different adventurous places. Go through with this blog for more information and try to experience something new in your life. With the help of the tips of this top 5 travel blog, you can easily familiar with the places before traveling.

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