A new Journey begins of a Blogger after Becoming a Mom

In these days we heard many things through social media Instagram, Facebook and many more. This social media help in highlighting the life of many people. But one blogger is very real with her fans and audience. About A new Journey begins of a Blogger after Becoming a Mom and shares its own experience ups and downs of motherhood.

A 31-year-old blogger Lily Pebbles, based in the UK recently gave birth to her first child. The daughter name is Grey Luna. She hasn’t shied in revealing what all sides of a life a new mum has been like.

Lily Pebbles Motherhood

The new mum shared a sleeping photo of her with her daughter sleeping on her chest and snoozing. In the post with 4,30,000 followers. She also shares a caption about being a mom and expresses her lovely feelings.

She said that it was a beautiful experience ” you really can’t ever know what it likes until you have experienced it and she didn’t want to reveal that experience before realizing it.

Pebbles said that she has no idea about what was going in the world reality of television, and what was her friends and family were bloggers were up to and she doesn’t know what was going in London.

Only the things she knows about her life is the need of her daughter and when she has to feed her. At this time she is giving her all time to her daughter “Grey” with lots of love.

She is on the paternity leave and also shares with the belief she needs it more longer. Pebbles shares her all the high and low points as a mum.

She shares how she and her husband had great fun with their daughter. The low points included having to rush Grey, back to the hospital due to weight loss, pumping milk on the hour every hour and suffering from mastitis which is when the breast becomes inflamed, commonly caused by a blocked milk duct.

Many fellow mums encourage pebbles with good wishes through the comment section of the post. She is too much glad after becoming a mum and had a beautiful and creating lovely memories with her daughter.

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