R.I.P Google Plus! Reason behind of shutting Down Google+

As you know that Google plus is shut down on this Monday and deleted all the accounts of the users from social media. The reason for shutting down of google plus is fewer usage and the recently developed security bugs. the security bugs on Google Plus exposed the information of more than 500,000 users to outside developers. This was one of the main reason for the killing of this platform. Google hide the security issue from the users when it was founded in March because it didn’t show that anyone gained benefit from users information and the company “Privacy and Data Protection Office”.

Google Plus


Google said it had found no confirmation that outside developers were informed of the security flaw and no sign that any user profiles were touched. The flaw was fixed in an update made in March. It planned to turn off the consumer version of Google Plus in August 2022, though a version built for corporate customers will still exist.

Source:- https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/08/technology/google-plus-security-disclosure.html


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