Google planning to restrict Adblocker Extensions From Chrome

Google just plans to remove all the adblocks APIs that content blocking extension Both the developers and users forward their complaints to Google that the APIs are not powerful and flexible. Still, it looks like the company is sticking to its points.

The recent platform used by chrome is known as ManifestV2, which was founded in 2012. Google is working on this platform for many years and also have some changes and functionality in its browsing features.

Google has spent the last few months on thinking to replace the webrequestAPIs, but for the most part, the company is working to its existing plan. “Chrome is deprecating the blocking capabilities of the webRequest API in Manifest V3,” a forum post is written by the developer advocate at Google, “not the entire webRequest API (though blocking will still be available to enterprise deployments).” In other words, content blockers will have to change to the new limited API at some point, or they’ll stop working for regular people.

The changes in the platform will not appease people currently working on the ManifestV3. The changes in this will take a lot of time. So you can easily switch your work from Firefox easily.


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