Tumblr Up For Sale?

If the reports are to be believed then there is the talk around the town that Verizon is looking forward to selling TUMBLR – A very popular blogging platform until some time. However Verizon official declined to comment on the happenings. Tumblr dealt with a massive loss of its user after they decided to ban adult content on their platform. They lost almost a third of their regular users.

Tumblr reportedly took this decision to ban adult content after Apple removed TUMBLR app from their app store because some users complained TUMBLR of hosting child pornography blogs. This decision cost a lot for the company. In fact, all online media have faced this issue but how they dealt with it differed a lot from Tumblr management.

Apart from TUMBLR Verizon Media – The parent company also owns AOL and Yahoo- both were internet giants at one point of time.

Tumblr’s future looking uncertain?

It’s tough to answer this question at the moment with a lot of rumors going on in the marketplace. Tumblr has been one of the better blogging platforms on the internet. We hope that Tumblr passes on to the worthy hands who can take their legacy forward. Maybe Tumblr’s loyal users may switch back again to the platform if it does something about the adult content ban.

We also got to know that even Pornhub is interested in the purchase of TUMBLR keeping in mind it’s adult content supporting young user base. Only time will tell what the future holds for TUMBLR?

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Source: Fortune

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