YouTube’s New Kids’ Content System Could Penalize Your Channel

YouTube’s New Kids’ Content System Recently YouTube has announced a new content system. According to this, a YouTuber must have to label that video which appeals to children. Avoiding this rule could penalize the channel, and also YouTube can ban that channel permanently.

Now you may have a common question which is “What happens when you mark your video for kids?” 

Simply, when you mark your video as directed at kids that means any type of data collection, comments, and end-user features are blocked. This will also affect ads and earning as well. That’s why this new content system put many YouTubers in a grey field. 

The main reason why YouTube launches this rule because recently  Youtube reached with the Federal Trade Commission in September for violating the children’s privacy term. Before this rule, Ads run on those videos too who are created for children and that’s the big violation term of COPPA.


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