Alibaba Going to make tuff Competition for Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal

The china biggest E-commerce player Alibaba is planing to enter in India market this year. They looking some good opportunities which can be explored soon.

As per company source they are planning to enter e-commerce business in 2016. They are keeping watch on to India market very carefully and think that its right time to enter into the e-commerce segment as per Alibaba group president J Michael Evans.

As per Alibaba planing they are going to explore India market and e-commerce will be the biggest segment that they are going to target. Right now they are exploring whether to go their own or setup the a partnership with some one else.

This will be very interesting entry because right now the company have a good share in Paytm and Snapdeal as a investor and becoming a rival for its own investment along with Amazon and Flipkart.

Alibab Jack Ma in India

Any ways its a good news for users of India because it directly benefit the India buyer they will further see some big cuts and new brands. So now in 2016 online shopping will become more interesting.

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