4 Best Comic Making Software In 2024 For Beginners

Beginners with a hobby or professional obligation to make comics often get caught in the middle of multiple options available online. But, the most suited option will be one that offers an easy-to-navigate interface, highly efficient tools, and automated guide, polished, and definitely creative in style.

Considering all such thoughts swarming in their minds, we have stacked the 4 best comic making software which can serve well to beginners. But before that, let’s know why you should use comic-creating software and what factors you should consider while choosing the same.

Why Should I Use Comic Creating Software?

There are plenty of reasons to start working with comic-creating software. The major ones out of them are:

  1. Comic Creating software saves a lot of time that you take during manual drawing.
  2. Using Comic Creating software does the handholding of those budding comic artists who dream of making a living out of it.
  3. Comic Creating software provides trendy comic book panels, presets, tools, and settings that fulfill all expectations of the artist.

How To Choose A Good Comic Making Software?

There are lots of things or factors that one should consider before deciding what is the best comic-making software, like:

  • Easy To Use: The software you are choosing should be easy to navigate and ease. Besides, a good content library is a must for beginners as you are just starting off and things should be under one roof for quick help.
  • Powerful Tools: The software should offer basic yet useful tools. This is a much-needed factor to consider, as in the absence of appropriate tools, you won’t be able to derive desired outputs.
  • Pocket Friendly: The price should not be too expensive as this is your new venture. Though the price taken into consideration, should not be the only thing that you take into account. Allow yourself to have a good amount of time studying the pros and cons and choose the product that provides the best value for money.
  • User Support: This is one of the most important factors to look for. Being a beginner, there is a possibility that you may need some technical assistance. So, opt for a product that comes with good user support.

So, these are the things that one should consider before deciding which is the best comic-making program.

4 Best Comic Making Software Suitable For Beginners

We have composed data regarding the 4 best comic creation software that beginners can use. In this list, we have included both paid and the best free comic making software. These best comic software are:


best comic creating software MyPaint

Available for macOS, Windows, Linux, MyPaint is perfect for newcomers. It is free-to-use open-source software that comes with a beginner-friendly ecosystem offering a vast range of tools suitable for creating comics, manga, etc. Users having a low-end pc have nothing to worry about as MyPaint works like a charm in low-budget PCs, even on mobile devices. Due to this, it is also considered one of the best free comic creation software.

Known for its effects, colors, user-friendly interface, typography, drawing tools, the software allows a good editing feature to users. MyPaint has garnered appreciation for offering features suitable for digital art. It is actually developed with the intent to facilitate manga and comics creation.

Poser Pro 11

Poser Pro 11 Best comic creation software

This best comic making software is available for Windows and Mac devices. Poser Pro, developed by Bondware is downloaded over million times by users.

Specs that are loved by users include easy-to-do editing which at the same time is intuitive, great for newbies who don’t have to goof around so much. Also, adding pictures and editing them all at once saves a lot of time for users.

Price Of Poser Pro 11

The pricing of this best comic creation software is quite simple. Poser Pro 11 is available as a one-time purchase, and for using it, you have to spend just $99.99.

Clip Studio Paint Ex

CSP Ex best software for comics

The next software that we have included in this list of best comic making software is Clip Studio Paint Ex. It is one of the widely used comic and manga software and is even recommended by many professionals. It is best suited for users who prefer features and also lets you use CSP coupon code during the Clip studio paint sale 2024 that makes it a good option to buy. Its Ex version offers many functions, though they are not complicated to use.

Special features namely importing files from Photoshop, Flash, HTML editors, a good layout, copy-paste feature with a dedicated clipboard, tag creation, custom window name, colors, sound adding to your page, and much more. This software is also compatible with a wider range of devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, etc.

Price Of Clip Studio Paint

The one-time cost of owning this software is $219.00. However, its monthly pricing starts from $8.99 per month. Overall, this software is a bit expensive but most often it is on CSP sale at a huge discount. So, it is definitely an option to check out.


Pixton best comic making software

The last best comic making software that we have picked is Pixton. It is available for both macOS and Windows devices. Both beginners and professionals can look at this software for their consideration. Regardless of who you are, whether you have a background in animation, drawings or you are a total novice, this is for you.

It is the simplest software in the market. Users can decide the format of their comic and it will automatically create one for them. It offers options for quality comic preview, automatic start, and stop. The cons are that there are only premade assets, though they are abundant. They all look quite young which is targeted ideally for children, educators, family, first-time users.

Pixton can be used in the browser so there is no obligation to download it. Although this software is not taken for its wide range of features and creativity, still it found its place on the list for beginners who may want to check out something very simple yet intuitive.

Price Of Pixton

The pricing structure of Pixton is quite different, compared to its peers. It provides different types of plans for students, parents, educators, and businesses. Its monthly pricing starts from $9.99 whereas its yearly plans cost around $99.

The Bottom Line

These are our recommendations if you are especially a beginner. Some products that we mentioned here, are greatly preferred by even the experts. I strongly believe that our list must have made your job easier by now if you are looking for great comic-making software for beginners. All of these best comic making software programs that we have mentioned here are trusted and you can use them without any worry.

Bonus Tip:

Who Should Start Making Comics?

There is a possibility that you want to make comics as you love them a lot. Well, but before starting working on them you need to make sure two things:

First, you have to make sure you can tell a good story as comic creation is all about stories in graphic format. So, the storytelling must be good. 

Then, you should have knowledge about the physical medium where the character will exist and interact with. These are the basics. Checking off the above two traits, you are good to go.

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