NY Times Lens Blog is temporarily on Break

NY Times announced that the NY Times Lens Blog is temporarily on Break. All the photographers and fans of the lens blog are very disappointed with this news. It was started in 2009 for sharing different and unique photojournalism across the industry.

The director of times photography Meaghan Looram announced this news in the note to staff sent out yesterday and shared by NPPA.

It was started for sharing different photography talent of the photographers. It was one of the first blogs created for photography. The 10 anniversary of Lens is on 18 May. Over the course of that decade, James Estrin, David Gonzalez, David Dunlap, and Josh Haner introduced New York Times readers to a world of photography — and photographers.

The Lens blog helped hundreds of talented photographers and editors from across the world to meet, commutation of ideas, help each other, collaborate, and “have fun.”

With the changes in the digital world, the New York Times wants to make changes in these blogs. They want to build this blog innovative and expanded for the users. So, They decided to shutter down Lens Blog at the end of the month. They will make this blog more effective and efficient for the users for future use.

The conclusion of this news is NY Times Lens Blog is temporarily on Break.


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