Top 10 Fashion Blogger of the Year You Should Follow

Fashion blogs are working and growing fastly since the 2000s. Blogging is one of the best parts of promoting the business. While fashion blog is all time favorite blog for all the people. Peoples love trendy and fashionable attires which they search on a different blog. Social media is one of the best platforms for promotion like Instagram is a platform where we can easily generate traffic towards the fashion blog. Today I am going to share you about the top 10 fashion blogger which will help you in changing your fashion sense. These top 10 fashion blogger are familiar worldwide. If fashion and being updated is your thing then you should follow them. Check out the list below.

Check Out the Top 10 Fashion Bloggers

Here I am sharing about the famous fashion blogger you should know for being fashionable and stylish in your daily life. This will really help you in changing your outfit style.

1. Gabi Gregg- Gabi Fresh

Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg is a lady who brings latest and fashionable attire for the plus size women. She grew up in Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2008. She is one of the famous bloggers and designer for creating the fashion blog GabiFresh. She sells plus size women swimsuits. Her outfits are just amazing and she bought what they call ‘fatkini’ with combine with ‘playful promises’ and ‘swimsuits’. Her amazing outfit design makes her famous and now she is known all over the social media because of her wonderful designing and blogging sense.

2. Lisa Gachet- Wear Lemonade

 Lisa Gachet

She is a Parisian fashion blogger and DIY queen. She shares amazing DIY tips and tricks on her blog and amazing fashionable outfits which makes you different at affordable prices. She started blogging a few years ago and recently she launched a brand in which she totally believes in – Do It Yourself Fashion. Her bran is unique and filled with beautiful color. So go and catch her and change your outfit now.

3. Wendy Nguyen-Wendyslookbook

Wendy Nguyen

She is a blogger who had to change the definition of fashion through her stylish and modern attire. Fashion is a major part of our life we follow variously trend to follow stylish and fashionable. So here is the blog of a girl who helps you in adapted fashionable changes in your life and helps you in look different. Wendy is a blogger, content writer, and a juvenile justice advocate who help poor children. For more information check her blog.

4. Kat Farmer – Does My Bum Look 40

Kat Farmer

She is a unique and inspirational fashion blog who changes the attire sense in everyone’s wardrobe. She has an amazing collection of feminine, floral and fashionable pieces for a stylish change. At the age of 43, she is one of the famous fashion bloggers with different outfit ideas. Get change your outfit collection with the different and lovely collection os, Kat Farmer.

5. Lyn Slater – Accidental Icon

Lyn Slater

At the age of 60, she is a style icon for the peoples. With the snow white coiffed hair she is breaking all the barrier at the age of 60, she looks damn stylish and helps you in being stylish just like her. You never found people like her at this age and she looks very amazing. She is really very stylish. So check her blog and get the inspiration of fashion and style to have no age barrier.

6. Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu

She is one of the best Indian fashion bloggers. She shares travel posts, lifestyle, beauty tips, event coverages, and of course fashion, which remains the constant for all the categories. Her blog is a mixed bag of all these things. She posts all these things on her blog. She has a 131K follower on Instagram if you are not following her till yet so follow her and search her blog for the interesting and wonderful things.

7. Tami Reed – Talking With Tami

Tami Reed

She is an award-winning fashion/beauty blogger who has been caught by a different famous brand like K Mart, ALDI, Ford, Disney. Her blog shares endless information about fashion, travel, style and more. She earned a bachelors degree in business management and a certification in television production before moving in the world of media. She has also appeared in many television shows. If you want to be fashionable then check her blog Talking with Tami.

8. Kavita Donkersley- She Wears Fashion

Kavita Donkersley

Kavita Donkersley is a girl who created her own blog at the age of 16. She is now only 26-year old and has more than 56K followers on Instagram. She is a famous fashion and travel blogger. A fashion blogger with a website called She Wears Fashion that has earned press from MTV, Topshop, London Fashion Week Official, Cosmopolitan UK and more. She is from Sheffield, England and now she is one of the familiar fashion bloggers with amazing yips and tricks related to fashion. She is allied with the big brands and is a guest at the honorable event like Coachella etc.

9. Tanesha Awasthi – Girl With Curves

Tanesha Awasthi

Tanesha Awasthi is a fashion, stylist and consultant. She starts a fashion blog on February 17, 2016 “girls with curves”. She started this blog for the curvy and chubby girl who is worried about the dresses and fashion check her blog. She shares amazing and beautiful outfits for the girls. I hope you may like her collection. She identifies her blog for the curvy peoples. She has been featured in many prominent magazines discussing her views on both style and confidence, and sharing advice on style tips for all body sizes.

10. Claire Goldsworthy – The Fashion Advocate

Claire Goldsworthy

She is a founder and editor of “The Fashion Advocate”. She is an Australian fashion blogger. Claire Goldsworthy is a fashion blogger and shares one of the best and latest trends on her blog. Her work is very appreciating you can change your dressing attire easily with the help of her blog. She encourages brands with worthy and moral binding as opposed to just the highs of fast fashion that become outdated almost immediately. Check her blog, and follow her on Insta, and I’m sure she will get you thinking.

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