7 Tips to Improve Your Email Open Rate

Emails are the heart of marketing. For ages, marketers have been creating emails to promote their products and services with potential customers. Almost every marker is leveraging the power of emails to increase conversions and boost sales. Also, it is one of the strategies which is considered by the audience. 

With the increase in demand for email marketing, the probability of an open email rate is also getting affected. Email open rate is the only way through which you can analyze the success of your emails. The more the audience opens your emails and makes a click, the higher the sales. 

Well! If you landed on this article, you might not get the results as per your expectations. If so, then you should surely strategize your email marketing campaign in a more productive way. 

Now, without any further ado, let’s jump onto the tips by considering which you can boost your email subscriber open rate. 

Best ways to boost your Email Open Rate

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Best ways to boost your Email Open Rate

Add videos 

One of the most effective and easiest ways to make your email more attractive is by adding appealing animated explainer videos. Yes! You can always embed a youtube video link into your emails. Or you can insert a video thumbnail. For your understanding, animated video email has a compelling way to yield results, foster engagement, and increase click-throughs. 

As per the research, emails that include videos see a 200-3000% improvement in your click-through rate. Video emails will engage your viewers and inspire the audience to enjoy the content without putting in much effort. So, whenever you implement this tip, make sure you choose a powerful image that inspires the audience to open the emails. 

Write an appealing subject line

The subject line is another important element that owns the power to make or break your email. As we commonly say, the first impression is the last impression; that’s where the email subject line comes into the picture. Using tools like ChatGPT in the digital age is the most beneficial for you. It is amazingly useful for creating user-friendly emails, articles, and essays. If you live in a location where using ChatGPT is banned, or restricted, you can use a VPN for ChatGPT to easily enable it in your location by changing your real IP address.

If your email subject line is attractive, then you can easily leave a positive impression on your audience and pull them to your website. Crafting a killer subject line of the email is not so challenging; you just need to be personalized, short, curious, emotional and show some urgency in the content. If the subject line is created by keeping all these points in mind, then you will notice an increase in the open rate of the emails. 

Create personalized messages

Whenever you create emails for your audience, make sure you draft the email content in such a way that it shows that it is written to just one person. You will be surprised to know that emails that include personalized messages have six times higher transaction rates.

For creating personalized emails, you need to know in-depth about your buyer persona. Once you thoroughly understand the desires, likes, dislikes, values, etc., you can easily frame the content they actually want. 

While creating personalized Emails you can also use Gmail strikethrough to cross out any wrong text to help clients compare easily between true and wrong information.

Try to segment your list

List segmenting is another tip that can make your email more powerful. It’s one of the strategies which is implemented by very few companies, but if done correctly, then it can do wonders. 

Once you segment the message as per the interest of your audience, then you can easily bring the audience towards your site. If you are thinking about segmenting the members, I recommend you create a popup form, sidebar signup form, drop-down form, etc.

As per the statistics, 58% of the revenue is generated by emails that are properly segmented and targeted as per the audience. Always keep in mind that the more relevant your email is, the higher the chances that its open rate is good. 

Choose the right time to send

For getting an excellent result, you need to ensure that the email you are creating for your campaign is sent at the right time. It is found that many companies who are creating the emails but not sending it at the right time are unable to see the results as expected. 

If you are also making this mistake, then I would recommend you to do good research for your audience. For this, you can do some testing by sending emails at different times. And if you are sending emails for missed messages, then I would suggest you do at the weakened. 

Also, if you plan to create a non-business email, you can send the content within 4-6 am, especially on Saturday, as the probability of open rate is highest. So, make sure you share the right email to the right audience at an accurate time. 

Maintain consistency in your emails 

Last but the least tip that will help you in improving the open rate of your email is consistency. Always remember, the more you are scheduling the posts, the easier it becomes to make a habit of your audience. 

Usually, it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So, you just have to be a little more conscious while sharing the emails within the first 21 days of your campaign. Once you start organizing your activities and stick to them, then you will see that more people will open your emails and react to them. 

The Final Say 

Well! Increasing the performance of emails is not difficult. By keeping the points in mind, you can easily see significant returns on your investment. Hopefully, the above points will help you build your emails more professionally and get results as expected. 

So, try making your email marketing more effective, you just need to invest some time in strategizing your tasks. So, try to be more effective and practical while creating emails for your target audience. 

Happy email marketing. 

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