WordPress 5.2.2 New Version is Ready for Advancement

The new upgrade version of WordPress 5.2.2 released yesterday. This upgrade helps in better performance and more security to WordPress sites. WordPress 5.2.2 The latest version brings many new changes in WordPress. To install the new version WordPress 5.2.2 directly follows the dashboard and update menu.

WordPress 5.2.2 advance protection

WordPress brings many chances for the security of the website. It brings new recovery functions for web site administration. At the time of untreatable errors, you will see a message saying “This website is experiencing technical difficulties”.

Site health checks

The site health check was introduced in 5.1 version of WordPress and It adds two more pages in this site health check in version 5.2.2. This resolves the debug configuration issues and has also provided developers with extra space.

Php error protection

With this feature, you can easily deal with the fatal errors of a website without any developer support. fatal errors are the most dangerous errors for a website that leaves a dreadful impact on the wordpress site, especially the white screen of death. This PHP error protection will help you from this dangerous impact on your website.

New Block management tool

This management tool will allow you to hide block that you don’t want to use or that you do not use regularly. The block management tool will display all the blocks you have on your site. you can easily remove the block you do not want to use.

WordPress latest version

WordPress 5.2.2 version brings many changes in WordPress for the betterment of a website. For using these all features install new WordPress version 5.2.2 and make your website more convenient and safe.

Source:- iguru.gr

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