5 Best ISP’s in The United States

Getting a grip or plan from the best or top-rated internet service providers can be very tricky. There are a lot of different service providers out there, each that have a unique skill set, specifications, or perks on offer that perhaps the other service providers do not have. Here comes the tricky part, you need to weigh all your requirements from an internet service provider, the things that you cannot ever compromise on, and then start looking for your tailored-made internet service provider.

Below we have selected some of the country’s best internet service providers and though you might have different preferences concerning your preferred internet service provider, we would like to talk about what exactly makes WOW! Internet an interesting prospect for you along with some discussion on the WOW! Internet Packages later on. If we talk about us, we prefer that our internet service provider be quite market competitive, nobody likes to spend excessive amounts on internet speed from one service provider when there is simply a close substitute service provider that is offering the same internet speed and quality for a lower price. Secondly, WOW! The Internet has some of the best customer service representatives working for their team, so if you feel that you often end up dialing the customer support helpline for queries and information, then maybe WOW! Internet is the right choice for you, just like it is for so many of us.

Listing The Best Internet Service Providers of 2022

As we have stated above that each internet service provider has some aspects to it that make it an amazing and high in-demand internet service provider. below we have categorically mentioned the aspects of each internet service provider that should attract the customers that hold these exact aspects in high regard.

  1. Spectrum Internet – Best Customer Service
  2. WOW! Internet – Best Overall
  3. Verizon FiOS Internet – High in Reliability
  4. AT&T Internet – Best TV Bundles
  5. Xfinity Internet – Best Internet Speed

When you see the list above, you observe that Xfinity Internet provides the maximum speed in comparison to all the other internet service providers. The internet service provider that however is the most well-rounded is the WOW! Internet connection, which though is quite limited in availability but still packs up against the most widely available internet service providers in the country because of its overall great performance.

Comparative Analysis of the Best Internet Service Providers in the United States

Comparitive Analysis

Internet Service ProviderCost per MonthInternet Download Speed in MbpsType of Connection
Spectrum Internet$49.99 and Above100 Mbps – 940 MbpsHybrid of Fiber Optic and Coaxial Cable
WOW! Internet$39.99 and Above100 Mbps – 940 MbpsDSL, Coaxial Cable or Fiber Optic
Verizon FiOS Internet$39.99 and Above200 Mbps – 940 MbpsFiber Optic
AT&T Internet$35.00 and Above0.8 Mbps – 940 MbpsFiber Optic
Xfinity Internet$29.99 and Above15 Mbps – 2,000 MbpsCoaxial Cable


Xfinity Internet

As we can see from the information provided in the table above, Xfinity Internet has on offer, by far, the highest internet speed in the country. We honestly do not know who could opt to get the Xfinity Gig Pro internet plan but whosoever does get it, we would like to see what you do online.

WOW! Internet

When it comes to high performance and incredible quality of customer service departments, WOW! Internet hits the chart at number one. The quality of the internet connection is unparalleled which makes this one of the most sought out internet service providers in the entire West and Southeast regions of the country.

Verizon FiOS Internet

Verizon FiOS as an internet service provider does an exceptional job of combining speed with reliability. This means that if you like to have an evening filled with your favorite online or on-demand streaming content and you never want to let go of that, then perhaps, getting a Verizon FiOS internet connection is the right choice for you.

AT&T Internet

Quite similar to WOW! Internet, AT&T Internet provides its customers with some of the best customer service departments. Anyone can freely call upon the AT&T customer service department to get information about their amazing bundles.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that after all our efforts in trying to convey exactly what an internet consumer needs to focus on for making the right choice when it comes to an internet service provider, you and your household would be able to make the right decisions regarding the selection of an internet service provider that is best suited to your requirements i.e. has a high data cap or unlimited data has a contract with lower prices or no contract at all or has an extremely good customer service departments with customer service representatives that respect and assist the customer regardless of how tensed or worked over the customer representative is.

Each service provider has its perks, benefits, and pros, however, no internet service provider in the world would give you all the benefits, perks, and pros that all internet service providers are offering separately. Hence it is highly beneficial for you, as an internet consumer, to first note down what exactly are you looking for i.e. high internet download & upload speeds, market competitive prices, data caps, contracts, and so on.

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