VyprVPN Pros and Cons : Things You Should Know Before Using VyprVPN

In the present era of Artificial Intelligence and technological dominance, privacy has become a major issue. Also, there are companies that are a result of globalization, which allow their associates to work for another country while sitting in their own country. These cases require the usage of VPNs. 

VyprVPN is one of the best VPN services available in the market that lets you work remotely. It is also very secure and lets you access geo-restricted content. Here, we will be discussing the VyprVPN Pros and Cons 2023 in order to find out whether you should use this VPN service or not.

Overview To VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a product of Golden Frog Company, a Swiss-based developer, with its headquarters based in Texas, USA.  It is developed in a way to meet the privacy and security needs of the customers and enhances their VPN experience. There are lots of pros and cons of VyprVPN that you may find while using this VPN service. But before heading toward them let’s have a look at some of the features of VyprVPN that make it exclusively powerful:

  • Chameleon Protocol: This feature is a boon for citizens of countries like China, North Korea, etc., where the internet is censored by the government. Chameleon is a self-developed protocol of VyprVPN that is capable of bypassing internet censorship. This helps people to have access to all the websites, banned in their region.
  • VyprDNS Protection: This is a protective feature of VyprVPN that safeguards the connection from intrusion by a hacker or anyone trying to evade the privacy of an individual using the internet.
  • VyprVPN Cloud: This tool of VyprVPN provides you security while you try to access the cloud servers. The major cloud services for which it works are DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, and Virtual Box Cloud servers.
  • Public Wi-Fi Protection: While being connected to public Wi-Fi, anyone can easily track your IP and DNS. VyprVPN provides you security by hiding your IP and providing you anonymity.
  • Kill Switch: VyprVPN also provides a kill switch. This switch prevents your DNS from getting leaked when the connection to the VPN drops.

These are the major features that you may find with VyprVPN. It has both positive and negative aspects and we have mentioned them in the next section.

VyprVPN Pros And Cons: Benefits And Disadvantages Of Using VyprVPN

It has been a considerable amount of time since VyprVPN has been launched in the market. Till now, it has given desirable results to its consumers. But like any other thing or product, it comes with its own sets of VyprVPN Pros and Cons.

Pros Of Using VyprVPN

VyprVPN Pros

Let us first discuss the VyprVPN benefits that a user will get by using this VPN servicer:

  1. Industry Best Protection: As mentioned earlier, VyprVPN uses the self-developed Chameleon Protocol which is very fast and secure. Apart from this, it also uses the industry’s best AES-256-bit encryption. This ensures that no one will ever be able to snoop into your data.
  2. No Compromise With Privacy: The no-logging policy of VyprVPN helps in maintaining the privacy of a user. VyprVPN was certified by the DNS leak test and the WebRTC test, which makes it a bit more reliable VPN service. It is also included in our list of the 10 best private VPN.
  3. Self-Owned Servers: Most VPN service providers hire third parties to manage and control their servers. However, VyprVPN itself owns and manages all of its servers. This ensures that no one will ever have access to your activities and session logs.
  4. Easy To Unblock Geo-Restricted Sites With VyprVPN: VyprVPN is capable of unblocking some of the major streaming websites. It also helps you to unblock some of the major Netflix libraries like the US, and UK libraries, etc. It can also work with other services like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Videos, etc. You can also use this VPN to unblock Hotstar.
  5. Easy Usability: The availability of a multi-platform and streamlined design makes VyprVPN very easy to use. It provides apps for all the major platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux Android, iOS, etc. which makes it very easy to use.
  6. Torrenting: A great feature of VyprVPN is that it allows torrenting. This can help you in sharing files with other users without revealing your original identity. So you can use this VPN for KaiOS devices if you want to share files on your KaiOS device via torrents.
  7. Customer Support: Problems at VyprVPN are provided with easy and comprehensive solutions by its world-class customer support team. Its support team is highly responsive and helps you in solving your queries.

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Cons Of Using VyprVPN

VyprVPN Cons

With a lot of advantages, as discussed above, there are certain things that we dislike about VyprVPN. These major VyprVPN cons are:

  1. Modest Network: The servers of VyprVPN are limited whereas the network is wide. If we compare it to other famous providers like NordVPN (5800+) or Surfshark (800+), it has a very less amount of servers which is only 700. But the network it provides goes across 66 countries around the world making it a very large area to operate in. Therefore, it is not potentially possible for VyprVPN to stand heavy loads, and thus its quality of service is compromised.
  2. Speed Issues: Various speed tests have certified that the speed of VyprVPN is mediocre and generally reaches the maximum point of 37 Mbps (in US-based servers).
  3. Slow Connection Time: In VyprVPN, connecting to any server takes an annoyingly long enough time when compared to other providers.

Is VyprVPN Safe To Use?

In the above parts, we discussed all the major VyprVPN Pros and Cons. From that, we can say that VyprVPN is a decent virtual network service provider and is suitable for regular use. It also takes all the safety measures which make it a bit safe. Although, you might face some connection issues while using this VPN service provider. So, for streaming purposes, it is suggested to look for any of its alternatives.

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