5 Ways to kill The Monotony of Life

BLOG: Remember when was the last time you did something different from your usual, routined life? Thinking too hard? Well, the sameness, monotony and the oh-so-boring routine life keeps us so preoccupied that we seldom get out of its trap and enjoy life in an unrefined way. And, that, my friend, is really sad. In fact, it’s terrible because it induces us with a certain kind of indifference and numbness towards life, doesn’t it? Tell me when was the last time you smiled wholeheartedly? Any idea about the day you enjoyed to the core? Does rewinding back makes way for any beautiful memory? Well, if the answer to any of these questions is a ‘no’, it’s high time you break those monotonic barriers and unwind yourself all over again. After all, being a little unconventional at times never really hurts. So, are you up for coming out your routine trap? Looking ways to go anti-routine? Well, have a look at the ideas below and see how happy you become as you break, one routine at a time. Let’s get going.

  1. Put on your traveling shoes! : Isn’t traveling absolute love? Wandering too far off, distant places without having to worry about anything and everything is the best way to come out the monotony of life. So, book your ticket, put up your traveling shoes and fly off to a place you always craved to visit. In fact, if you don’t know where to go, it’s even better. Yes, at times its okay not to have a plan because plans are anyway too routine, aren’t they? So, why not go with the flow? Just be a vagabond and paint the town red as you make amazing travel memories, one place at a time.
  2. Be open to meeting new people: So, you might be having an awesome group of friends and a social circle worth loving but, it is bound to get monotonic sooner or later. Not that keeping in touch with old buddies isn’t a good thing however, just limiting your social interaction to them is so not cool. Do not socially stagnate yourself. Instead, go out, interact with new people, make friends and acquaintances outside your comfort zone and see how meeting people from different sphere of life with different viewpoints, attitudes and lifestyles induces you with new experiences and positivity.
  3. Give you’re every day routine a break: Yes, shun your routine for a while and change how you function every day. If your job allows you to do your work from anywhere then ditch your office cubicle and go do your stuff in a park, coffee shop or even better, a library. Further, you can even change your exercise routine. If you do it in the morning, shift it tonight. And, if that’s not enough, change your eating schedule too. Feed yourself when you’re hungry and not when the clock strikes a particular time. These changes might look really small and little but, they indeed are the best way of killing the monotony of life.
  4. Read, read and read: There’s nothing better than indulging in a good book to come out of your routine shell because they let you travel the world right from the four walls of your room. So, treat yourself with an impeccable book or an online blog/website and see how the information and knowledge you collect through it, opens new avenues of productivity and positive thoughts within you.
  5. Switch off the TV and do something brainstorming: Aren’t you bored of watching the same old stuff on TV every day? You are, for sure! So, instead of putting your brain through the monotony of such programmes, indulge in something different. From listening to motivational TED talks to indulging in brainstorming games like Chess, Crosswords, Scrabbles or Word Puzzle games. Do everything that makes your brain more active and functional. In fact, there is an online crossword game with the name Wealth Words which even lets you play games and win real prizes out of it. Yes, you can literally play games to win real money here by simply answering a few of its puzzles right. Imagine laughing all the way to bank as you break your not-so-cool routine, one crossword at a time. How cool would be that!

Now, since you have read it all, why not follow these steps too? Trust me, you are going to enjoy every bit of breaking the monotony through these amazing ideas. I have been there, done that. You can thank me later! All the best.

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