How To Get Unbanned From Facebook Marketplace?

Know how to get unbanned from the Facebook marketplace? Unban your account by Facebook marketplace ban appeal to restart buying & selling.

Right now Facebook Marketplace is one of the best platforms for any business or individual to sell & purchase any goods or services listed on the platform. 

You can search for any specific item and connect with the owner/seller of the product to purchase it. Keeping in mind that violating Facebook policies and standard guidelines would be banned from the Marketplace.

So, if you are also one of those who has been banned from Facebook Marketplace, then this article will guide you to get unbanned from Marketplace.

Reasons Why You Are Banned From Facebook Marketplace

Let’s have a look at the common reasons why your Facebook account banned on Marketplace. Before jumping onto how to get unbanned from Facebook Marketplace 2024.

  • Violating Facebook Commerce Policies
  • Break Facebook Community Standard
  • Banned From FB Marketplace For No Reason
  • Excessive Negative Feedback

Violating Facebook Commerce Policies

Violated Facebook policies might be one of the reasons why your account is banned from Facebook Marketplace. Activities such as promoting or selling restricted items like drugs, adult products, firearms, etc. lead to bans on Facebook Marketplace accounts.

Apart from this, if you are promoting fake, misleading reviews and advertisements of products will be banned from Marketplace account. Therefore, to get unbanned from Facebook Marketplace follow the proper rules & guidelines.

Break Facebook Community Standard

Engaging in prohibited content such as spam, harassment, or hate speech is another reason if your account is banned from Facebook Marketplace. Therefore, do not engage in such fraud or illegal activities on your Facebook Marketplace account.

Banned From FB Marketplace For No Reason

Sometimes few bugs and glitches cause a ban from Facebook Marketplace for no reason. Therefore, it might be an issue that your Facebook Marketplace account got banned. So, if you think you have been banned from Marketplace for no reason, then you may appeal by contacting the Facebook support team.

Excessive Negative Feedback

If you are receiving continued negative feedback from buyers about any issue they are facing regarding products or items may lead to a ban from Marketplace. Therefore, it is very important to maintain customer satisfaction & maintain positive feedback. To keep your Facebook Marketplace account safe from getting banned.

How To Get Unbanned From Facebook Marketplace In 2024?

how to unban facebook marketplace?

If you are banned from the Facebook Marketplace then follow the below listed steps to get unbanned from Marketplace.

The primary step is to identify the reason for getting banned from Facebook Marketplace. Thoroughly check your email and Facebook notifications for any updates regarding the ban. Only understanding the reason for the Marketplace ban will help in taking steps to correct steps.

  • Appeal Ban To Unbanned From Facebook Marketplace
  • Ban Appeal Marketplace Via Form
  • Contact Facebook Support Team For Marketplace Ban

Appeal Ban To Unbanned From Facebook Marketplace

To remove the ban from your Facebook Marketplace account you need to ban appeal on Facebook first. If you’ve corrected the mistake or rectified the issue then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to “Facebook Marketplace
  • Tap on “Request Review

Now, Facebook will certainly review your ban appeal FB Marketplace & will address the issue within a few days.

Ban Appeal Marketplace Via Form

Another great option to get unbanned from Marketplace is to ban appeal on Marketplace via form. Where you have to explain all the problems & request Facebook to unban your marketplace account.

Make sure to explain the situation correctly so that it will be convenient for Facebook to help you out & remove the ban from FB Marketplace account.

Contact Facebook Support Team For Marketplace Ban

After trying every possible way to get unbanned from Marketplace, if you are still banned from Facebook Marketplace. Then, try contacting Facebook customer support team/ live chat and explain to them about your Facebook Marketplace ban issue to resolve.

Remember, to keep patience and wait for their response as it will take some time to revoke the Marketplace ban from your account. Similarly, to learn how you get unrestricted from Wizz account, if you are a Wizz users read this article.

How Long Do Facebook Marketplace Bans Last?

The Facebook marketplace ban lasts upto 30 days if you’ve violated Facebook’s terms of service or community standards.

Is Facebook Marketplace Ban Permanent?

Yes, Facebook Marketplace does ban the account permanently. If you’ve received a message from Facebook stating that your Marketplace account account cannot be enabled at this moment.

What Are The Violations Of Facebook Marketplace?

Promoting not-for-sale products, selling services, selling animals or adoption, healthcare products, etc. are violations of Facebook Marketplace.

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