UAE, the region is known for myriads of opportunities to the job seekers. The reason behind UAE is trending among the job- seekers is that attractive salary offered, luxurious lifestyle and excellent growth opportunity. The country is the business hub, offering large numbers of job opportunities in UAE in various sectors.

Top 5 jobs in which you can make your career

If you want to earn AED 100,000 o0n an average in a year then here is the list provided with some of the jobs.

  1. Pilots – aviation sector is flourishing at a very faster rate in the entire Gulf including UAE. Some of the big airlines operating in UAE are Emirates, FyDubai etc thus offering ample amount of jobs to the candidates. Pilots are offered with some additional benefits for example, free accommodations, school fees etc. on an average they earn AED 52,550 per month.
  2. Chief information officer – they are responsible for setting up of information technology department. They ensure that all the systems are working properly so that the company’s operations work smoothly. If you want to work in this department you need to have experience in the relevant field. You should be aware of the latest trends and modern technology to work effectively in this sector. And the educational qualification required is B.Tech in IT department. Average income earned by them in a year AED 55000 in a month.
  3. Engineer – real estate sector in UAE is in great demand, offering great job opportunities to the engineers. Engineers are mostly responsible for mechanical, electrical and plumbing operations. They can also work at senior level positions depending upon the experience. On an average they earn AED 62,000 per month.
  4. Doctors – they are in high demand in UAE, as there are large number of hospitals and labs. Thus offering great opportunities in the healthcare sector. Consultants such as pediatrician, neurologist, cardiologist and many more are highly paid doctors in UAE. They can earn somewhere nearby 73000 AED per month.
  5. Chief legal officer – they cover all the legal aspects of the company and suggesting ways so as to avoid or minimize illegal risks. To work as a chief legal officer the candidate must have degree of law and experience in the relevant sector. They can earn AED 75000 per month.

Apart from this there are jobs which are high salaried jobs. For example, actuary, chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, bank vice presidents, chief executive officer and many more.

How to get placed in the healthcare sector?

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