What Is Armed And Disarmed On a Blink Camera

In this advanced generation, people use blink cameras for security purposes. If you are a new user of blink cameras it’s hard to know about the features and mode of cameras. In this article, we give you all the information about Armed and disarmed modes of the camera for a better understanding of mode features advantages, and disadvantages of cameras.

What is armed and disarmed on Blink

Armed and disarmed are the modes of the camera which have different features activated or deactivated. If you are a new user of cameras you should know these modes for better security purposes.

What Is Blink Armed

Blink Armed mode is an active mode in your security camera. When you activate this mode your camera works fully operationally. It will detect motion record them and send you the regular notification. You can watch live footage of your camera record and store it on your hard disk for 60 days. After 60 days it will deleted automatically.

What is Blink Disarmed

On the other hand, when you are in disarmed mode your Blink camera it will not be recording the clips does not detect any motion, and will not send notifications to your devices. This mode is used when you don’t want to record the videos and spend some privacy time and avoid capturing that moment.

Blink camera

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Armed Mode

The armed mode has many advantages but also has disadvantages.

Advantages of armed mode:-

You can record any activity and motion and get instant notifications on your devices. You can also store this recording for 60 days. This mode is best for security purposes in your house, home, office, and factories.

Disadvantages of armed mode:-

Sometimes it captures a lot of unusual motion sends you too many notifications to your devices and uses your cloud storage. It causes of drained battery.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Disarmed Mode

The Disarmed mode has many advantages but also has disadvantages.

Advantages of disarmed mode:-

It can save battery life and save your cloud storage by not recording and sending notifications to your devices. It can also avoid false alarms or unwanted alerts from insects and other motions.

Disadvantages of disarmed mode:-

You will some important and suspicious activity in the footage area and also miss some evidence related to any activity when you camera in a disarmed mode.

Difference between armed and Disarmed blink camera

Here we show you the table which clears the difference between the armed and disarmed modes of the camera:-

FeatureArmed ModeDisarmed Mode
Video recordingActiveDeactivate
Motion DetectionActiveDeactivate
Live ViewYesYes
Battery lifeDrain faster due to these activate features.It lasts longer due to these deactivated features.

When to use each mode

You can use each mode according to your needs and wants like:-


Armed Mode Uses

  • You are away from your home.
  • When You want to keep an eye on a pet or person
  • When you want to monitor a specific area of your home or office.

Disarmed Mode Uses

  • When you do not want unnecessary notifications.
  • You have a guest or relative in your home.
  • When you want to save battery.
  • When you want some privacy time.


Can someone control my Blink camera?

Yes, It is possible when someone signs in to your Blink account then they manage any activity related to your Blink camera.

How far can Blink detect motion?

5 to 20 feet

Sometimes their detection depends on the app sensitivity settings.

Does Blink continuously record?

They do not offer continuous recording. It records when any motions are captured on camera.

Does Blink record in the dark?


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