How To View Deleted Tweets On Twitter?

After an increment in Twitter use. Tweets are published as well as deleted tweets by users. There would be lots of reasons behind them. Most people are willing to find out how to view deleted tweets on Twitter. What would happen if someone or a post author had access to deleted tweets? That is why a user wants to recover their deleted post and tweets. So with the help of some tools and techniques people would know how to view removed tweets. Include Twitter’s feature with the help of a third party, then the users will get to find how to recover deleted tweets on Twitter archive and they can share also.

The Process To View Deleted Tweets On Twitter?

On social media platforms, most celebrities or other users use to hide the content. If they do not like the same, they act on Twitter also. So there are some methods and techniques to find the removed tweets and posts on Twitter. Here are some possible ways to view deleted tweets on Twitter.

Request your tweet archive

In most cases, your Twitter account is automatically shown the tweets by the feature of the Twitter archive. This is the most effective way to view your tweets on your Twitter account. To reach the archive feature then follow the steps given below.

  • Go to your Twitter homepage account and tap the icon on more.
  • Click on the setting and privacy icon.

 Twitter setting and privacy

  • Under your account settings. Select the Download an archive of your data option from the available options on the right.

Archive Twitter Data

  • Be careful to verify your identity while sending the code by Twitter, because it will you help more to view deleted tweets on Twitter. It will take approximately 24 hours to connect your archive via email or SMS code.

Request Twitter Archive

  • After extraction open the zip and download the file, and you see a Twitter window. After that use your Twitter box and search for the tweeted dates and find the tweets. 

Try Internet Archive to Find Deleted Tweets:

Use the process of Wayback Machine which is an online archive store that collects all the snapshots of webpages. There are collected over 600 million data on all specific web pages over the year. It means you can see the date and time of the particular website using the Wayback machine technique. To see the deleted tweets simply add the Twitter URL to the Wayback machine and select the date. And you would able to see all the possible deleted posts and tweets even if they have been deleted for a long period. 

  • Search this URL or visit the web page of Wayback Machine Archive and enter the URL of any Twitter page that you want to see after that check the browser history.
Search Archive Webpage
  • Then you can see the screenshot of that page, whenever it has not been crawled by the Wayback machine.
  •  You have to make sure to enter the actual date of the page that you want to find.

Check the Google Cache:

With the help of Google Cache, you can search for some of the famous accounts that were recently deleted. Except in most rare cases, few pages don’t archive otherwise Google Cache has all the backup details of every page. If a tweet cannot be accessed then you can easily get a removed tweet. 

These are the following steps to find out the deleted tweets with the use of Google Caches:

  • First, open the new tab and search in the URL Twitter with the user name of the account.
  • Select the three dots of the Google selected Caches then will see the recent tweet on the search result.
  • After that, this will instantly redirect you to Google’s cached version of the tweets. Then will see the time and date in the top column.
  • You can view deleted tweets on Twitter, and post then you can the screenshots of them.

Use Twitter’s Advanced Search

Twitter Advanced search is the most valuable tool to view deleted tweets on Twitter. If you are contacting your old or deleted tweets with the help of Twitter support then it will redirect you to Twitter’s advanced search. The Twitter Advance search is a very important tool to find your account. We will be mentioning the several steps to find the deleted tweet by Twitter’s advanced search.

  • Visit your Twitter account profile and open Twitter’s advanced search tool.
  • Click the options account “subheading” and enter the user name under this section. 
  • Then you will see the option to enter the start date and end date. 
  • After the whole process, Twitter will redirect you to the whole removed tweets from beginning to end. 
See deleted tweets on twitter

Can I See Deleted Tweets Its Photos On Twitter?

Whereas Twitter does not delete the copied tweet. Probably you can recover the tweets with photos through the Twitter archive. Following this method it is not required to take any help from a third party. Twitter allows to give you the feature that you can recover photos, tweets, and many more. Something time only need to request to download the deleted tweets otherwise you can go through with the Twitter archive. So you can apply these steps to view deleted tweets on Twitter with photos.

  • Open the Twitter application and go to the sitting and privacy options.
  • Then you have to click on the request Archive option.
  • After sending the request to the archiver then it will send you the email containing a zip file 

FAQs About View Deleted Tweets on Twitter

Can you see deleted tweets on the Twitter archive?

Of course, Twitter Achiever allows you to review the tweet as well as you can see deleted tweets. Twitter saves your records in the archive. You can browse the data after the download.

Where is the Twitter archive?

Tap on your profile account, and click the option of setting and support after that click the settings and privacy option. Tap your account and download your data archive.

Does deleting Twitter delete chats?

You will be notified of the deleted text after 30 days. When the deactivation period ends, further will be removed texts while deleting your account. 

How to delete Twitter history?

Go to your Twitter account, choose the toolbar section, and tap on the magnifying glass icon. Tap on the search bar at the bottom of the screen. Then select the grey “X” and “recent search” then click the remove data.

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