A List of the Top 10 Tritium Watch

A tritium watch is a very beneficial thing while working in darkness. In this article, we will look at a list of the top 10 tritium watches currently available in the most popular brands at reasonable prices. But first, we will know what a tritium watch is. And why is it the most recommended brand to choose?

What are tritium watches?

Tritium watch comes with innovative features named Gaseous Tritium Light Source(GTLS). It is a self-powered lighting system that uses tiny microscopic gas light sources to provide incredibly reliable illumination for up to 25 years. This watch is made up of super LumiNova and Phosphorus paint for more lightning. They need to be charged with light even though they look brighter than GTLS, it is used to charge between 1 to 4 hours.

Here are the top 10 tritium watches listed by us

Whenever we make the selection of the watches, then we need to keep some points in our mind. So I am going to show the top 10 tritium watches with better explanations.

Ball Engineer III Legend

Ball Engineer III Legend

This brand is used to sell in very high demand choices by the people and companies’ most trustable brand. The Ball Engineer brand comes with strong features that are made of 29 tritium tubes attached between its handle and dial and included with a large Arabic number. This brand is a very unusual bright and colorful format case. 

  • Price: $95.00
  • Styles: ETA 2892 Automatic
  • Diameter: 40mm
Tritium Watch

Marathon General Purpose Mechanical  

Marathon general mechanical watch is also known as a function first-tool or military watch. Tritium is a core element of his line-up if you want a highly-tactical brand watch then Marathon is the best option to choose. Marathon is recommended for the best military gear watch delivered to various governments.

  • Price: $545.00
  • Style: ETA 2801 manually wound
  • Diameter: 39mm
Tritium Watch nite hawk

Nite Max10

This company focuses on making low-light visibility watches. The British brand army offers low-dimmed military watches, they are all featured with Tritium tubes which are cheap compared to night shield watches. MX10 has a sleek black color and looks with Ronda quartz styles with a 39mm case in black PVD. 

  • Price:$400.00
  • Style: Ronda 715 quartz
  • Diameter: 39mm
tritium watch pro teach searies

Pro Tach Dive Series 1005

A new brand was launched in 2022 by Luminox. It will look similar to military-themed and come with strong intent materials. And it offers a wide range of cheap collections. It also packs in a carbon fiber case, sapphire crystal, and 300 meters of water resistance. Strong tritium material.

  • Price: $360.00 
  • Style: Moyita 2S60 quartz
  • Diameter; 42mm
treasure hunt tritium collection

Traser P68 Pathfinder Automatic

We all know that it is not an easy process to make tritium glass tubes. However, tritium is unique as a watch brand owned by the Swiss company MB Microtec which produces and supplies much of the watch industry with these tiny glowing tubes. Traser has also supplied his material to the US and other armies. Its 46mm-wide P68 Pathfinder has a Swiss automatic movement and is something of a light show in the dark with both Super LumiNova and  

  • Price: $1005.00
  • Style:  ETA 2824 (or Sellita SW200) automatic
  • Diameter: 46mm
T100 super-bright dive watch

ArmourLite ISOBrite T100 Super-Bright Dive Watch

Armour Lite is not a famous brand compared to Luminox and Marathon but this brand comes with fully loaded features. Further, it will be up to the upcoming band to create the competitions. This watch is rated to T100 which is three times better than the other two watches. It is not as shiny then Luminox and marathon branded watches but it is made with qualitative structure and uses most tritium class tubes.  

  • Price: $102.00
  • Style: Bright 200m Dive/Tactical T100 Tritium
  • Diameter: 59mm
ball fireman tritium collection

 Ball Fireman Enterprise Automatic Ref. NM2188C-S20J-BK

One of the very simplest forms of tritium watches that can be found in an authorized store. Ball Fireman Enterprise is part of the Ball Fire collections which is known to feature the tritium gas tubes and its deals. This case is made of durable stainless steel in gold and silver. 

  • Price:$125  
  • Style:  NM2188C-S20J-BK
  • Diameter: 40mm
MTM special tritium collections

MTM Special Ops RAD

Generally, we must have heard about this brand. This is one of the most tactical watches of all time. The MTM Special Ops RAD watch has been built by  Geiger-Muller tube. This watch is filtered by any ionizing harmful radiation.it is not only a measure of gamma rays but also the level of cumulative exposure. The solid titanium case makes this a lightweight watch with a depth rating of up to 100 meters. 

  • Price: $1795
  • Style: MTM Proprietary With Analog Swiss Ronda 763E
  • Diameter: 46mm
nite hawk tritium hawk

Nite Hawk Tritium Watch

Night watches have a very good track record when it comes to illumination and tactical performance. This is the most recommended brand and it is highly used to serve military uses. This has been found in England and comes with multiple tritium supplies of MB Microtech. This most powerful watch not only comes with constant lighting but is also known for durability for sports and entertainment. This powerful watch has been designed with Polycarbonate with resistant hard material. This tritium watch has a T100 facility with a green color except at 12 o’clock. 

  • Price: $425
  • Style: 300 TT100 GREEN NiteHawk
  • Diameter: 45mm
traser p59 tritium watch

Traser P59 Aurora GMT H3

Being an MB Microtec of Tracer’s company, this brand does not doubt the checking of high-quality tritium make process. The great thing about the tritium watch on tracer watch is that it is as thin as human hair. This watch has a GMT function that is specially designed for constant travel. With a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement, its accuracy remains reliable.

  • Price: $505.00
  • Style: Swiss Made quartz GMT
  • Diameter: 42mm

We have selected the all top 10 tritium watches according to their facility, movement, quality, and different prices. All tritium watches contain their own facilities and qualities. You can use it constantly according to situations. Tritium watches are easily convenient from one place to another place. This feature of illumination and durability makes it the most trustworthy choice to select. So you can select according to your convenience and conditions.

FAQs Related To Tritium Watches

Is It Safe To Wear A Tritium Watch?

Yes tritium watch is safe to wear, the tritium is usually between T10 to T100. 

Is Tritium Better Than Super-LumiNova? 

Tritium watches are so brighter and brilliant material than Super-Luminova. Tritium is not required to charge source code to charge at night hours.

Which Tritium Is The Brightest?

Usually, green tritium is the brightest tritium watch with the brightest color in 2cd/m

What Are The Disadvantages Of Tritium?

It has two neutrons whereas regular hydrogen has none, which makes tritium unstable and therefore radioactive.

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