Basic Principles Of Blog Design On The Site

You can find a section with articles on the websites of various companies. This section is usually called a site blog. We will tell you what basic principles of blog design on a site is used for, what role design plays in it, and what it should be like.

Today, there are various tools for creating unique designs. For example, use neon logo maker on VistaCreate to create an attractive logo. There you can also find numerous other design options.

What Is A Blog Needed For On A Site?

Entrepreneurs use various techniques to attract new customers and retain old ones. One of the most popular techniques is to develop various promotions. However, everything happens differently on the Internet. There are many sites with similar products so you need to come up with different promotions and convince customers that your products or services are the best on the market to attract customers and stand out. To do this, companies create blogs on their websites where they place articles on similar topics and offer users to buy a product or service.

Principles Of Blog Design

If the blog is filled with many expert articles, it becomes one of the most visited pages on the site. However, the design principle of this section differs from the design of other pages on the resource. Let’s consider the basic principles of blog design. A blog has special characteristics:

  • the content of the blog is mostly text, so you should make it comfortable for the user to read articles and perceive information;
  • since a blog usually has many articles, you need to think about the elements of navigation to help the user find necessary information;
  • it’s also important to attract the user’s attention and make the design memorable.

Given these features, the designer creates a layout that’s different from other pages of the site and at the same time corresponds to the overall concept of the site.

What Should Previews Be Like?

A preview captures the essence of the article and encourages the user to read it. There are some rules for creating good previews:

  • use interesting images and illustrations or create them yourself to attract attention;
  • the preview should state what the article is about or include its beginning;
  • the size of the preview should be chosen so the reader has a choice between articles but there should also be a large enough overview of each article.

Previews on a blog page are an attention-getting element. So they should be bright and interesting to attract the reader and lead to higher conversions.

Navigation Elements

Navigation is another important element in blog design. Since users often visit the blog from search engines, the designer needs to think through the navigation on the page. The users can go to other sections of the site with the help of the header. The blog also has filters to help the reader find needed articles.

A sidebar plays a special role in the blog. There you can find various banners, calls to action, and elements of navigation, such as a list of topics, a search by tags, etc.

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