5 Free and Popular Blogging Platforms In 2024

We knew that online work is very popular in these days. Many businesses are running online in this digital world. But sometimes it is costly and we cannot afford that online business with huge investment. So Here we are providing you the very wonderful and working solution to building your online presence with free of cost just in few minutes. You can easily create your own blog with these free and best blogging platforms. Create your own blog with 5 Free and Popular Blogging Platforms in 2024.

. List of Free Blog Sites

  1. Wix
  2. WordPress
  3. Blogger
  4. Weebly
  5. Penzu

If you are interested in creating your own blog then check out these 5 Blogger free blog sites. These blogs will help you in promoting your business free of cost.

1.      Wix

Wix Blog

Wix is one of the popular free blogging platforms for bloggers. It just likes an ice cream parlour with lots of different option and you want more and more. They will provide you most beneficial features in creating your own blog just in few clicks. This platform will help you in increasing your visitors and provides you with powerful tools for sale online. Enjoy the powerful features of Wix and achieve maximum sales and visitors on your online business platform.

  • Maintain your own professional logo Just in minutes
  • Juice up your website with beautiful, handmade description
  • Confer problem free customer support
  • Explore new methods to offer your services with Wix booking
  • Create an energetic website party with members area
  • Make use of the most powerful SEO tools and possibilities
  • It will help you in tracking and analyzing your site performance

With these features, Wix also has some advantages for its users like Easy in use, availability of better class templates, speed & security, and many more. Wix has a range of paid version but It is also available free with the many resources like 500MB of Data transfer per month, You are free to create an unlimited number of pages. The editor will get all the editing stuff you need- From image gallery through video and music.

Create a blog:- Wix

2.      WordPress

WordPress Blog

If you want to experience the most powerful and highly customizable blogging platform then WordPress is one of the best options for you. In WordPress creating a blog is very easy and straightforward. With the help of a simple wizard, you can choose your blog name and appropriate theme. WordPress comes with so many different features and it enhances its features day by day. On WordPress, you can easily create your blog and optimize it with the maximum beneficial features. WordPress has lots of amazing features that are not easy to explain but the most amazing features of WordPress are:-

  • Move, add and delete dashboards widgets
  • Paste URL to make links in Visual editor
  • Reachability mode of widgets
  • You can easily preview theme without activating them
  • You can easily edit the image according to your want
  • Split single page into multiple pages
  • Implant links, Videos, and multimedia

In the above list, I have just mentioned some features of WordPress If you want to use all the features of this blogging site then create your own blog on WordPress. Your site is hosted on the WordPress server with an address in the format of yoursite.wordpress.com. WordPress provides you full-time support service with the expert and professional team.

Create a blog:- WordPress

3.      Blogger


Blogger is another amazing blogging platform for creating a personal blog. It is not as good as WordPress but it is manageable for beginners. In this creating a blog is easy and simple. Just in a few clicks, you can create a blog that has amazing manageable features. For enhancing the performance of an online business it is a nice option of building a blog on Blogger. It offers an excellent collection of templates and themes. The Bloggers is a mobile friendly blog creator platform. Spam comments g is one of the biggest problems on the blogs but in the Blogger platform, you will get the automatic spam filter of spam comments. The format of your website address is as follows yoursite.blogger.com and support all google services. Here I am mentioning the list of features of blogger.

  • Easy to create a blog just in few steps
  • Customize your design
  • Add photos and videos in a post
  • Publishing your thoughts and ideas are easy and free
  • On this platform, you can easily create your own website

With the more useful features of Bloggers.com create your business blog without any amount and manage your business easily. It will help you in increasing visitors and sell your business product. To create your business blog within a limited time with maximum beneficial features use blogger.

Create a blog:- Blogger

4.      Weebly


Weebly is another option for establishing an online presence of your work just in few minutes. With the drag and drop feature, it is easy to manage this blog. Weebly has lots of manageable features. Weeble helps in creating a mobile-friendly website with different templates. In this, you can create your own photo gallery, slideshows, and customs backgrounds. It will maintain a complete e-commerce solution for the growth of your online business. Some features of the weebly are:-

  • Easy drag and drop features
  • Creates a mobile-friendly website
  • Lots of different and beautiful themes and templates
  • Easy creation of photo gallery, slideshow and custom background
  • Complete e-commerce solution provider

 If you are interested in creating a blog then choose weebly and Maintain your blog with an easy to manage features with Weebly. It an amazing platform for the beginners.

Create a blog:- Weebly

5.      Penzu


Penzu is a journal blog that makes your post private. It is an online-diary hosting website. A blogger can create a written post similar to the standard personal journal and can also upload photos from the device. It is a freemium business model with the amazing paid features just like a unique font. Penzu is a unique nice option for creating a blog easily. Features of Penzu are

  • No limits of entries, You can do unlimited entries in Penzu
  • Access to Penzu mobile apps
  • Autosave features are available in the Penzu
  • It will provide you basic font choice
  • In this, you will get a basic journal covers and general locking

With these unique features of Penzu, you can easily create your e-commerce business profile. This will help you in the growth of your business and profit maximization.

Create a blog:- Penzu


In this article, we have mentioned the 5 Free and Popular Blogging Platforms of 2024. On this blogging site, you can easily create your online business presence. On this best blog site of 2024, you can enhance your business. These blogging platforms also help you in sharing your thoughts, tips & tricks, and interest online. To create your blog on the best free blogging platform in 2024. If you are interested in creating your own blog then you have to learn that How can we generate income from a blog? Through your own blog, you are not only able to share your views and thoughts but you can easily generate income through it. You only have to follow a few steps for generating income from a blog.

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