I’m A Beginner Instagram Blogger – Where To Look For Support?

Although blogging doesn’t seem like such an alien thing today, it still calls for many questions from the novices. Most people are already familiar with terms such as “content plan”, “targeted advertising” and “giveaways”, but the thing is that this may still not be enough for high-quality promotion. Support for a beginner is a fundamental thing that can teach the correct management of social networks and how to solve the problems of stagnation that will necessarily arise at different stages of profile management.

You might also have heard of a possibility to buy Instagram followers – but do you know why you need them and why this paid service might be highly recommended for your profile? 

You’ve almost certainly heard of this service as a “harmful” service. In fact, this is not the case at all – more precisely, paid promotion can only harm if you do it thoughtlessly and too quickly. The whole problem is that if you buy too often and too many subscribers (they may turn out to be fake in addition to everything), it will definitely attract attention to your profile as suspicious activity. And this in turn can lead to a ban or a shadowban of your profile. What is this fraught with? Real people who can have a positive impact on both life and your account statistics will simply not see your page in their recommendations, since Instagram does not offer bots to other people.

Where can I buy real subscribers?

Find a site that offers to buy real Instagram followers and carefully study its reputation. If you are in a blogging environment, you can ask them how things are going – perhaps they have already had experience working with this promo company and will be able to give you good advice. If you do not have such an opportunity, try to communicate with the managers of the company and evaluate the opportunities that this site can give you. It is a good company, it may have free trial offers that will help you understand how high-quality services they offer. If this is not the case, it will be more difficult, and this may indicate that the site sells bots or fakes.

Some people try in vain to use only free options, but this will not work well enough to get an effective result. Unfortunately, you will have to invest in the development of your profile if you need this ad to work well enough. In the end, the trial packages will end sooner or later, and you need to support your profile at those moments when you feel the need for it, and not be afraid that the options for support will suddenly end.

Don’t be stingy, because the more you take care of your page, the more payback you will be able to get later. But don’t forget that paid options are far from everything and that you need to put quite a lot of effort and time into making high-quality content. Interact with your audience, be on the same wavelength with them, and always give answers to the questions that bother them — and then you will quickly be able not to invest in paid services, as you will be recommended to friends and the number of subs will begin to grow by itself.


By the way, support can also come from your fellow bloggers, but you should cooperate only with people who are equal to you, or with brands that are used to cooperating with micro-influencers (if you are still a beginner). Never aim at too big of a fish — the audience of such profiles may not be interested in a small account and there will be very little sense from such a collaboration. This often happens: we are all used to consuming different content, and you need to cooperate with those whose content is similar. In this case, the exchange of audiences will definitely happen.

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