Some Beneficial Tips for Online Blogging

Writing content and article is not tough but a blogger should know that it should be keyword optimize. Blogger has to learn how they can rank up to the blog on the search engine. The best keyword use will generate traffic on a blog and more your blog will get noticed by the viewers. If you want to increase this traffic on your blog then check out these beneficial tips for online blogging.

Beneficial tips for online blogging

  • Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Use those keywords which will help in increasing the audience and the keywords mostly used by the viewers to read or view relevant content. Using these keywords in your article will help you in increasing traffic and views. So first do the research and write an article for a blog.

  • Where you will optimize these keywords

Once you find the keywords then you have to know how to use these keywords in your article in a relevant and useful manner. Some of the best places where you can easily optimize these keywords in your article are in the title, in the anchor text, under meta description and title tags, concluding paragraph, introductory sentences, heading, and subheading.

Having two keywords in an article is enough don’t do keyword stuffing or put too much keyword in the article its looks spammy content. If you are doing keyword stuffing then you will be penalized by Google for it.

  • Optimize image in the article with an alt tag

Alt Tag

Always try to optimize an infographic and catchy image in your article which will attract the audience. A good blog will always contain an image in between the paragraph of text. If you are uploading an image in a paragraph then remember it to rename with the keyword that’s appropriate to the content. Use the alt tag related to the keyword.

  • Use backlinking in article

Providing a possible reference to another blog site and article that has a maximum number of views via links that a reader can click to get the source. This practice is known as linking.

Putting quality backlinks is very valuable for the blogging community because everyone is working for reaching on the top of the search engine result page. You can receive free dofollow backlinks through this process. This will helps you in establishing yourself as a niche dominance, improve Alexa rank and also increase traffic on your blog.

  • Social Media is powerful for blogging

Social Media

Social media is a very powerful platform for spreading and type of news very easily. This will help you in promoting your blog as well. So after finishing writing your blog promote it on social media on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Mention short description and include the link through this who are interested in it will easily reach your blog by clicking on it.


There are tips beneficial tips online blogging which will help you in increasing and generating traffic on your blog easily. If you are using these tricks at the time of writing a blog then your article will be SEO optimize and working too. So use these tips and make your blog more popular on search engines.

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