Tips To Increase Reach And Get Traffic To Your Blog

It’s so easy to become a blogger and so hard to actually manage and promote it. Even if you tell compelling stories, have excellent word style, and make something really worth reading, it can not be good enough for the cruel world of the internet.

Making your blog popular is not a simple task, but it is not unreachable by any means. You just need to know what to do.

So today, we will show you how to increase reach and get traffic to your blog with eight simple tips proven by practice and us. Let’s get started, shall we?

Learn your audience

We all need to start with basics, or in your case, from learning who you are writing for. Learn your audience, what writing style they prefer, do they enjoy more visuals or more links in the content they’re reading, etc.

Our first tip here is to go to your competitors and analyze what makes them successful. If they did it, you can do it too. You just need to know what exactly they did.

Use SEO, like everywhere

SEO is a very big thing in blog promotion. We can even say one of the biggest factors of your success. If you have a budget, we advise you to hire a professional SEO specialist to work together, at least at the beginning. They will teach you how to find and insert keywords in your content correctly, how to create meta tags, and what other types of SEO promotion you need to use in your blog.

SEO is crucial for your blog’s success because, without it, your content will be lost in the ocean of billion websites with proper keywords inserted in the texts.

Experiment with your content

Let’s say that you have a blog about coffee, and you usually only write about types of coffee, your travels to coffee plantations, etc. Why don’t you look at it from the other angle and dig deeper?

Create a blog about coffee history in different countries, make test-tastes on a camera, and try to contact the closest coffee shop to show how this company works from the inside! Now you have very vibrant and diverse content, and you can attract an audience who have never visited you previously.

And that was just an example. Experiment with your content and try to find unorthodox, unique ways to tell people about the object of your interest.

Use professional help

Writing is a craft. It is art. And it can be the worst.

That’s why when you really think that you come up with a great idea for content, but you reckon that your lack of knowledge on the topic or any other factors can ruin it, just hire someone for help. You can find a ghostwriter or interview a professional: anything will do.

Also, we insist on using apps for improving your content: for example, you need to check grammar every time you write something, and it’s non-negotiable. Also, we advise you to take a look at time-management apps, calendars, and task planners.

These simple tools can absolutely change your perspective on productivity and help you make more in less time. Trust us, they can be just life-changing.

Visual content

Our next tip, and perhaps it is the most important advice we have for you: add visuals whenever you can. Use photos, snapshots, infographics, links from your YouTube blog, and try adding videos as often as you can.

Video marketing is extremely important nowadays because more than 80% of users prefer watching videos over reading text with the same information. That’s why we advise you to add a topical video to every one of your posts.

It is so easy to do it nowadays because it is very easy to start even if you don’t have experience in making videos. You can record a vlog and edit it, and it doesn’t have to be a really complicated video: just make it enjoyable, and you’re good to go!

Be consistent with your uploads

Search engines really love consistency, and to be noticed by them, it is essential to update your blog as regularly as it is possible.

Most people do like schedules too, which is the second reason why you need to be consistent with your updates. They just get used to getting your content regularly, and even if you don’t remind them, they probably visit your blog every week at the same time to not miss your updates.

So please do it for them too and show appreciation for your audience’s loyalty in this way.

Analyzing is a must

Another thing that should happen regularly is that you need to analyze your blog and all the changes that happen with it almost every day. You need to be on track with the slightest changes that happen with your content to learn what people like in your posts when they prefer watching your content, and what works best for your audience.

Also, we highly recommend you check your competitors and design trends from time to time because blog design can be a big factor in attracting an audience. A website that looks dull, simple (in a bad way), or simply old-fashioned can repel visitors as bug repellent mosquitos. And unlike mosquitos, visitors will not come back!

Use social media

You just can’t do anything online without involving social media in some way these days. Social media can help you to achieve many goals: find your audience, promote your blog, engage in interesting conversations with people, etc.

If you have time and resources, we advise you to create profiles on as many social media platforms as you can. But, if your resources are limited, focus on social media platforms that attract your audience the most.

For example, it is known that Facebook is used mainly by first-generation Millennials and generations before them. So if you think that your content is for a more mature audience, go there and create your Facebook profile.

However, we also encourage you to create profiles on Instagram and Twitter and manage them all, preferring Facebook as the most important. In the end, the more exposure you get, the better.


Making your blog exciting for people and promoting it on the internet is a hard full-time job. There’s no one simple recipe for how you can attract people to see your posts, but using our tips, you can experiment and come up with your own bulletproof method that works for your particular blog.

Be creative, make unorthodox choices, create exciting content, and we are sure that your blog will reach the stars.

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