Harry Potter: Wizard Unite Reality Game Goes Live in 130 Countries

Boost up Harry Potter: Wizard Unite a reality game surprised everyone through this released last week in the U.S and U.k. Niantic has now rolled this game for the global audience.

The Pokemon GO creator announced on early Sunday that the game is available in 25 additional countries that include Canada, Mexico, India, and Germany.

Harry Potter: wizard Unite is rolled out over 130 countries around the world. Inspired by Pokemon GO, Harry Potter: Wizard Unite acts players with joining the Statute of a Secrecy Task Force to discover a wizarding world that has been working in the real world.

It also works similar Pokemon GO real-world location, Harry Potter: Wizard Unite allowed the players to learn new spells and captured beasts using the AR features of iPhone devices as well as Android devices.

This game will help you in exploring the real wizard world and an adventurous journey in your own environment. This will make you feel like you are a part of a wizarding world.

Source:- Niantic

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