Hollywood Makeup Tips From Instagram Beauty Gurus To Change Your Life

Looking all glammed up is always an exciting part of your life. With the proper use of makeup products, you will look and feel great at the same time. However, trying out Hollywood style and beauty tricks is completely different from your natural regular makeup tricks. These Hollywood tips are too extra and will add that drama to your look.

There are so many beauty gurus on Instagram, who are ready to serve you well with the best results. Some of them are highly inspired by the glam of Hollywood stars and have tried to recreate their looks in their posts. So, make it a point to catch up with the best Instagrammers, who are ready to share some of their Hollywood makeup tips and tricks with you. Following their IGTV and reels in a step by step manner will help you to get the best result, as and when asked for.

Have to create that lift for sure!

Creating facial shape is a major part when it comes to contouring and highlighting. The main goal is to create a lift and dimension, which makes you look more youthful and glammed up!

  • Expert makeup artists would love to turn their model’s head right to the side and look at where the eye ends. Then they will analyze the point with this gaze before tracking the line upward mentally towards the tail of the brow. Finally, it will reach out into the temple and the hairline.
  • This guide is important for the right placement of highlighting and contouring points. It starts with cream and finishes off with a powder base.
  • The contouring items need to be a few inches lower but also parallel to the line. On the other hand, you have the highlighting items, which will be just under this line or right on top of the cheeks. Both these actions are enough and should go hand in hand by lifting up the entire face on an upward scale.
  • For pulling back or contouring the back portion of the face, the experts will use a dark cream foundation. It has to be at least 2 to 3 shades darker than your original skin tone. It will be placed on the outer sides of the face like the outer edge of the forehead near the hairline, under the cheeks, and jawline.
  • The last step here is to start blending. Blending the contouring and highlight will take some time and you must give that to it. After blending, you have the proper use of blush and highlighting steps to address.

These makeup artists are pretty famous but still, some of them might buy active followers for their accounts. However, if you want to gain popularity fast then you can spend some money to get some active followers. But, after following the makeup tips well, you will start growing natural followers too.

For your complete face:

It is true that mixing up the foundation with moisturizer is going to be a natural way to lighten up the coverage options if you do have a fuller coverage foundation under your belt. If you are trying to make your foundation a bit thicker, you can mix a bit of loose powder to it.

  • Using some of the disposable toilet seat covers or paper napkins can work out well for you as blotting paper. So, when you are sweating too much and don’t want to remove makeup while wiping your sweat down, these options will work pretty well for you.
  • Before you end up completing your look, it is always necessary to add a bit of blush to the crease. You can use it around your temples too and that will pull the entire look together.
  • In order to get hold of a luminous skin effect, make sure to mix the foundation with that of a pearly white or a golden eye shadow. It will provide your complexion with radiance, which is just beyond compare.
  • In case you have extremely oily skin and do not have any primer near you, then just apply a bit of corn starch to the skin before foundation. It is one easy trick that Instagram influencers might share with you.
  • Sometimes, a single favorite shade of lipstick is enough to cover your entire look. You can use it as your eye shadow, blush, and even for your lip off course. It solely depends on the amount you are taking and your skill to blend everything well together.
  • For all the complexion items like concealer, foundation, and more, you must match the color of it with that inside of the arm and not the back of your hand like people do normally. The inside of your arm has the same skin tone as that of your face. So, that’s a great place for a swatch.

Some Hollywood tricks you need to know:

If you really want to get that glamorous Hollywood look, then try to follow the beauty routines those famous stars used to follow. For example, let’s get with the Audrey Hepburn style, who is mostly known for her beautiful meaningful eyes. This actress is famously known for using pins to separate each lash before applying mascara. Yes, a tedious task indeed but with amazing results! If you want to get that same definition, then just comb the lash with spoolie brush before applying mascara!

Another natural remedy as inspired by this actress is the use of cucumber slices and a thick layer of petroleum jelly under the eye before hitting the bed to avoid dark circles. These two are easily available ingredients and you can give them a try as well!

Go for the remedies that suit you well:

There are multiple extreme beauty remedies that Hollywood stars used to follow. You can’t follow all of them because some are pretty painful and then you have others which are rather expensive. But, you can easily go for the remedies that suit your style and need well. There are various natural ingredients used for getting that inner glow from within your skin. Follow some beauty gurus on Instagram to learn more about them.

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