How to Use WhatsApp on Your Desktop/Laptop

WhatsApp is the one of most passable social media messaging app, it’s used by smartphone users. When we are working on Laptop or computer and want to connect all time with WhatsApp friends. Web WhatsApp this is an only way to use easily, you have to just connect one time to desktop then you have to don’t worry about anything.

web service

There is a way to use WhatsApp on your desktop very simply: here I am sharing a few steps to run whatsApp on your desktop without using any cables and wires. The steps are really easy to implement on your desktop, you need a just few minutes.

What you’ll need For Web WhatsApp

The requirement for using whatsApp on desktop is a smartphone and an internet connection. The active account on whatsApp and signed in, this is suitable for IOS, Android, Windows phone. The phone needs a camera for verifying. I refer to use this service on Chrome or Opera Mini its work fast.

Whatsapp code


The steps to implement

  1. Open the suitable browser on your desktop or laptop, and visit the
  2. Open the whatsApp app in your device (Smartphone).
  3. Click the menu right upside of your device and select the WhatsApp Web.
  4. Your device will open the camera, and then point the camera to your computer or laptop QR code.
  5. Now you all set to use whatsApp on your desktop.
    Web WhatsApp

    Web WhatsApp

  6. You have to make sure that the WhatsApp app is open in your device.

Now you can chat with your friends and relative without touching phone, it make easy to focus on your work. The point has to notice about the Web WhatsApp chat is automatically saved in your smartphone and device.

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