How to Transfer Data From An Android to Other Android Device

When we upgrade mobile phone the biggest problem we face is how to get all data from our old android device. You know there lot ways where we need cables , pen drive and a personal computer, but I just want simplest way to get my old mobile data to new mobile phone, I just want to clone my old phone data and software’s to my new phone.

For which first thing I tried is to search on Google and in top 10 article I just fund are scrap and waste my time. Second thing I just searched on Google play store with term “Copy MY Data” Here is the list of apps that come up after search.

android to android data transfer

So now its time to find best application for android to android data transfer. For thin I started testing app one by one from top.

Android Apps

Wondershare MobileTrans РThis is a data transfer software that is offered by Wonderhsare. With the help of this software, you can easily transfer data between 2 Android device. Apart from this, you can also switch data between Android and iOS devices by using this software. Owning this software involves cost however with the help of MobileTrans coupon code, you can get this software at a very low price.

Copy My Data – It seem good application use wifi net work to transfer data. We need to install this application on both device to begin data transfer It took around half hour to clone 800 contact and 3000 plus photographs in my new phone. Some how I was not happy with photographs it transferred because all the data was stores in single folder in which there where 80% scrap data which was part of whatsapp, that made me unhappy. But contact section was OK for me. But there no option to get SMS backup and call logs. So its seem to be a incomplete application, But will work if you want to transfer Contacts, Photos and Videos. I will give it 7 out of 10 points for its working.

Screenshot_2015-12-31-23-06-52 Screenshot_2015-12-31-23-11-13

Phone Copier – This is a backup and contact+SMS copier tool. I just spend a few minutes with it and I thought its waste of time to use this software.

Clone it – This is the pure or I will say best application that we need to copy or clone the android phone/device. We need to install this application on both the device. Now we have to make one device as send and other as receiver. This software create a WLan between to Phones.


After selecting the sender and receiver we will get screen where all thing that we can copy from our old phone will come up. We have to select option or we can select all now we are ready with transfer. It took just 7 minutes to transfer 3000 Plus photographs. It will give us complete phone backup in few minutes. my search end with CLONEit which I think is the best way to transfer or clone one android device data to other. So my android to android transfer just took few minutes.

Things you should take care while transferring data.

  • If you want to transfer applications then we have to allow installation of apps from untrusted source from setting menu.
  • Your device should have enough free space

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