How Can Cloud Communications Help Marketing Agencies? 

Communication is vital for the proper functioning of business and builds authority in its industry. In this modern era, companies are paying the utmost importance to customer service and experience.

How you allow your customers to connect with your business and how your team resolves their queries makes all the difference.

Well, if you are looking for a better method to connect with more prospects or offer a free channel to your clients, then cloud communication is the way to go!

 What is cloud communication or telephony?

Back in the old days, PBX (Private Branch Exchange) was used by companies to implement telephony solutions for internal and external business communication. PBX servers were expensive. Thus, many small to medium companies were not able to leverage telephony benefits. Additionally, there were other costs with an on-premise PBX system as well, including staffing an IT team for technical maintenance, other hardware requirements, it recruitment consultants etc.

With the advent of cloud technology, businesses now don’t need to buy expensive hardware to implement telephony solutions. They can now rent PBX servers, which are maintained by a 3rd party cloud communication provider. Best of all, companies can even use their computers to make VoIP calls with the help of a free softphone.

Call Flow of Cloud Telephony:

1 Your customer will call your business number.

  1. The call request will be sent to your cloud telephony provider servers (hosted PBX).
  2. Hosted PBX has all the details of how to route your call (as you can configure it via an online portal).
  3. The call from cloud telephony servers is routed to your agents as per your configuration.

How Can Cloud Communications Help Marketing Agencies?

  1. Attract more customers

With a cloud communication solution, you can get a toll free number for your business. Toll free numbers allow your customers to connect with your business for free. Having a toll free number and showcasing it on your website or portfolio page can drive organic inbound calls to your business. People will not think twice to call your business. The only trade-off is that as a business owner, you will have to pay the charge of their calls.

  1. Gain a competitive edge

Having a competitive advantage over other businesses gives you an upper hand in building authority. Providing a secure channel for your customers and prospects to connect with your business increases its credibility and shapes the perception of your customers.

If none of your primary marketing agency competitors aren’t leveraging the benefits of cloud telephony, then it is the best time for you to put the pedal on the gas and win the game of marketing and delightful customer experience.

  1. Connect with more prospects

Cold calling is one of the most effective strategies for marketing agencies to gain new customers. Without cloud communication solutions, your team could be wasting a great deal of time on trivial tasks such as manually dialing prospects number and then waiting for their response.

With hosted outbound contact center solutions, you get features such as predictive dialers, which can ensure the optimal performance of your outbound sales team. Best of all, the algorithm of predictive dialers can automatically detect answering machines on the other side of the number.

  1. Establish a strong local presence

Let’s suppose, as a marketing agency, and you want to generate leads from a specific country like the United States, United Kingdom, etc. With cloud communication, you can achieve far better results. Irrespective of your business location, you can buy local numbers of any country.

After getting a local number of that country, you showcase a regional presence, and local customers from that area visiting your website are likely to call your business.

  1. CRM Integration

One of the best parts of having a cloud communication in place for your marketing business is that you can easily integrate it with popular CRMs, sales enablement tools, etc. After combining both of these services, your sales team will be able to call customers right from the CRM platform. Thus, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks such as connecting with more prospects to close more leads.

Other benefits of CRM integration:

  1. Team members can instantly fill up new customer details after the call is over.
  2. Automatic schedule calls with customers.
  3. Quickly make calls to customers and potential leads.
  4. Keep track of all details with your customers.
  5. Better leads tracking.
  1. Better sales training

With cloud communication solutions, you can opt to save call recordings between your team members and customers, which you can listen to anywhere anytime. Hear this call recordings repeatedly to find the most challenging customer queries that your agents find it difficult to answer. Pay close heed to negative words that your agents speak that can turn off your potential customers.

After analyzing the conversational abilities of your team, you can better guide them on how they should talk with customers and direct the conversation towards a positive outcome.

Some cloud communication providers also apply artificial intelligence techniques, which allows you to get the transcripts of your call recordings along with many other advanced features instantly.

 Final Thoughts

Cloud communication is an efficient and affordable solution for marketing agencies to step up their game and increase revenue by connecting with more prospects and offering excellent service to their current clients. Grab a virtual phone number for your marketing company now and establish a secure and reliable communication channel between you and your customers now.

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