How SMS Marketing Can Benefit A Small Business?

SMS marketing, or text message marketing, is a communication form where customer contact is done through mobile phone messages. In this day and age, 99% of the population across the globe own mobile phones, and when you can send a good number of marketing messages, you stand a higher chance of making sales. Most people are more likely to read a text message than pick a newspaper and concentrate on an ad. So here we are going to discuss top 8 SMS marketing benefits for small business.

What Are The Benefits Of SMS Marketing For Small Businesses?

Text marketing allows your business to reach potential customers faster and cost-effectively. It may not seem like the most suitable marketing strategy. Still, you will be surprised at its potential to give you an advantage over your competitors, appeal to customers, and even grow your business email list. You can use a bulk texting service to get your message across and spend little money on it. You can also use best social media marketing tools to expand your small business other than using SMS marketing.

Personalized messages have a way of gaining customer trust. Many people love receiving coupons, promotions, and reminders via text. Therefore, when you strategize your SMS marketing, you can make a huge difference for your small business. It is an interactive, engaging and affordable marketing plan that will benefit your small business in more ways than one. Some of the benefits you stand to enjoy include the following.

Improved customer relations

In a world where we rely heavily on our mobile phones to get things, most people check their phones every few minutes. SMS marketing gives you a chance to capitalize on this to your advantage. It is a simple way of keeping the brand visible and noticeable. When you personalize the messages, the chances of the targeted audience ignoring them are reduced. 

Fruitful customer engagement

The other benefit of SMS marketing for small businesses is boosting customer interaction. Through the texts, you can redirect them to your business website or drive them to the social media feeds you have created. This kind of interaction boosts engagement and is good for your small business. 

Wide audience coverage

Almost every person owns a mobile phone today, and a text message will be delivered even when people are not using the phone. This opportunity is great for your small business to cast the net wide so you can enjoy benefits similar to email marketing. Text is only better than emails because they tend to have an urgency feel to them, and they are delivered directly, and the customers are notified immediately. As long as you have packaged the message appropriately, you will have impressive reactions from your targeted audience. 

Immediate customer service

Customers are interested in what your business is offering to tend to have questions that need a quick response for them to take the expected action. By using text messaging marketing and having the features on there, you can easily attend to the questions and offer clarifications where needed. This service level is good for creating solid relationships with customers. When you are quick to give answers, they might also be just as quick to give you business. 

Simplified integration with other marketing channels

SMS marketing works as a magnet to capture customers’ interest, then leads them to other channels where they can find all the information they need. The text messages you send out can only contain a few details; you can then integrate them with your other marketing channels so customers can finish purchases. 

Easy Customer control options

Nothing can be more annoying than constant promotional messages you don’t need. Yet, nothing is more convenient than receiving a promotional message about what you need. When text messaging targets audiences, you can never be too sure that everyone receiving the marketing message will be interested in what you are offering. The good thing about SMS is that customers have the freedom to decide whether to keep receiving the ads from your business or to opt-out if they do not want. This freedom is good because it leaves you with customers genuinely interested in what you are offering and keeping the sanity of others who may not be interested in the current moment. Continuous pressure on those not interested could ruin any prospects your business had with them.

Affordable marketing

Every business’s dream is to make more than it spends, and this is a chance you stand with text messaging marketing. The inexpensive nature of this marketing strategy makes it beneficial to small businesses which usually work with small marketing budgets. Sending texts is cheaper than TV ads and billboards and will still help you reach potential clients. You can choose a bulk texting service offering a flat rate for hundreds or thousands of messages weekly or monthly.

Instant delivery

The good thing about SMS marketing is that the messages are short and direct. A couple of sentences are all you will need to get your message through and even direct interested customers to the website or the set landing page for more information. The texts are also less intrusive and easy to store so that customers can read them at their convenience. The alerts are instantly delivered on the phones making your business more noticeable. 

When you choose text messaging as your ideal marketing strategy as a small business, it is important to ensure that it has all the helpful features to keep your efforts fruitful. The editor you use, for instance, should be easy to use so you do not end up losing time writing messages that will not even resonate with the targeted audience. 

Final Words: SMS Marketing Benefits For Small Business

A good editor should have a dashboard with clear headings and one that is easy to navigate. It should also allow you to personalize the messages using a dedicated phone number. You will also need to have some contact management tools, so you can easily send the bulk messages, personalize, and segment them as needed. Automating the messaging can also be beneficial as it adds value to your business, especially when you can send thank you, birthday, and even holiday and anniversary messages. Your SMS marketing strategy will be as good as the effort you give it. Have a clear plan for handling the promotional messages and have all important features in place to have a seamless flow beneficial to your small business and customers.

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