How To Play Music Through Mic In 2023

If you are thinking to start your career as a streamer and you don’t have any idea about playing music through the mic? Then don’t worry we got this covered for you. Here in this article, we are going to provide information about how to play music through mic on pc or in-game, etc with the help of write for us + technology

We will cover all the aspects of this topic & provide you with the knowledge you required for using the mic to play the music on any platform you want. Here also you will get the secret behind the ways YouTubers use to play audio through their mic. 

How To Play Music Through Mic Windows 10 – 2023

It is very easy to play music through the mic on Windows 10 & it can be achieved easily by using the software that is available on the internet. One of the best software is the Voicemeeter for this, you have to install a soundboard on your computer. 

The Voicemeeter is the best software that is used to combine the different audio signals & send them to different outputs. It allows you to connect different devices & applications to customize your inputs & outputs.

This is a free program any newbie can use but if you are an experienced artist then you should pay to get a license that unlocks its professional features. On the other hand, the soundboard is a program that can load your audio files easily.

From here we use a method to play the music through the mic on Windows 10. In this method, audio signals from the soundboard & microphone are transferred to the Voicemeeter as input. Then Voicemeeter processes them & plays them as output.

Now the steps about how to play music through mic on Windows 10:
  1. Download & Install the Voicemeeter and a soundboard on Windows 10.
  2. Now open the audio settings on your Windows 10 PC and enable the Voicemeeter in input & output in the recording tab.
  3. Now on the same tab, right-click on “Voicemeeter Output’ and Click “Set as Default”.
  4. Open the Soundboard.
  5. Choose Voicemeeter input as the first output.
  6. Go to the Voicemeeter and now choose the microphone as the first hardware input.
  7. Now by selecting your speakers you will be able to hear the sound that goes into the mic.
  8. Now open the “Voice Recorder” this will tell you whether everything is fine or not.
  9. Now Click the microphone icon to start recording & play any sound file on the soundboard.

How To Play Music Through Mic On Discord Android?

If you are a gamer or using Discord for various reasons then you will be happy to know about how to play music through mic discord android article. In this part, we have mentioned the steps by which you can easily able to play the music through the mic on discord.

  • Install a soundboard application.
  • Connect your mic to it & set it as default.
  • Open the control panel & go to the sound settings.
  • Under the “Recordings” tab, enable “Stereo Mix”.
  • Open Discord & Click the gear icon to access settings. 
  • Click “Voice & Video” 
  • Under “Input Device” choose “Stereo Mix”.
  • Under “Input Mode,” ensure the checkmark is next to “Voice Activity”.
  • Switch the toggle button next to “Automatically determine input sensitivity.”
  • Play the music through your mic.

How To Play Music Through Mic In Game On Xbox?

If you used to play games on Xbox and want to know how to play music through mic in a game on ps4 or Xbox then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the control panel & go to sound settings.
  • Under the “Recording’ tab enable “Stereo Mix”.
  • Open the Xbox & go to settings.
  • Click “Volume & Audio output”.
  • Ensure that the right output is selected.
  • Play your music.

If you want to play music through background apps then Xbox allows you to add background apps such as Spotify, Pandora, etc. 

How To Play Music Through Mic VRChat – Article 

VRChat is one of the best ways by which you can virtually chat with your party while streaming, gaming, etc. If you are looking for the answers about how to play music through mic on VRChat then follow the steps below:

  • Download the program & Install it.
  • Open the control panel & go to the sound settings.
  • Your Mic should be “Set as Default”.
  • Under the “Recordings” tab select the “Cable Output” and open its properties.
  • Mark the box next to “Listen to this device”.
  • Add an extension called AudioPick to play music into your mic.
  • Open VRChat & make sure “Cable Output” is selected in your mic settings.

How To Play Music Through Mic GMod – Steps

 If you are willing to play the music through mic on Garry’s Mod (GMod). Then you have to download & install the two different softwares. These are Foobar & Virtual Audio Cable but they are not free software to use you can get their free alternatives on the internet. 

Foobar is a software or an audio player which is compatible with macOS, Android & Windows. It can easily convert, resamples & organize files.

Virtual Audio Cable is software that is used as a virtual cable to transfer audio files between the two different apps. 

  • Download both programs.
  • Open Virtual Audio Cable.
  • Under “Driver Parameters,” select “2.” In the same folder, find “Audio Repeater” and open it three times.
  • Open Foobar, Click “File,” and then click “Preferences.”
  • Click “Output” and ensure “Line 1” is selected under “Device.” Click “Apply” and close the window.
  • Go back to the three “Audio Repeater” windows. In the first window, select “Line 1” under “Wave in” and “Line 2” under “Wave out.”
  • In the second window, select “Microphone” under “Wave in” and “Line 2” under “Wave out.”
  • In the third window, select “Line 2” under “Wave in” and “Loudspeakers” or“Headphones” under “Wave out.” Click “Start.”
  • Go to the sound settings in Control Panel. Under the “Recordings” tab, select “Line 2” as the default device.
  • In the game, type “+voicerecord” in the developer console. You can now play your music.

How To Play Music Through Mic?

Playing music through the mic is very easy. You can play it by using the softwares like clownfish, Voicemeeter, etc.

How To Play Spotify Music Through The Mic?

By following the steps mentioned above you can easily able to play Spotify music through your mic.

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