Parents Accused of Leaving 2 Year Son Alone to Play Pokemon GO

An Arizona couple was caught after they putatively left their 2-year-old child home alone for up to an hour and a half to play Pokemon GO. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office distinguished the suspects as 25-year-old Brianna Daley and his better half, 27-year-old Brent Daley.

Agents reacted to the home at 10:30 p.m., on Sunday night after a neighbor called 911 saying she had found the 2-year-old kid outside and nobody seemed, by all accounts, to be home.

The kid was found outside the home and was unshod, red-confronted, sweat-soaked and grimy. The house was opened and when agents reached Brent Daley to say they had discovered his child surrendered outside, he professedly answered, “Whatever,” and hung up the telephone on appointees.

Parents accused of leaving Son

Parents accused of leaving Son

At the point when the couple came back to their home, appointees say they confessed to leaving their child sleeping inside their home close Chandler Heights and Gantzel while they played Pokemon GO in close-by neighborhoods.

“Our office and numerous other law requirement organizations have been cautioning individuals about individual wellbeing while playing this intuitive Smartphone amusement, yet we would never have envisioned that guardians would desert a tyke to play Pokémon Go,” Sheriff Paul Babeu said. The appointees found the tyke bolted out of his home in the 96-degree climate with no water while his folks were run associating with their cell phone diversion.

The Pokemon Go Game

Pokemon Go is the location based game which uses your internet and GPS location, the game is published by Niantic. The game is available for IOS and Android, at starting the game is released for few countries. The game is based on Pokemon cartoon where kids love to watch hunt of finding the creature. The battle to find the maximum creature which known as Pokemon and controls them. The game is like a virtual play because you feel like that you are hunting in real for the Pokemon.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Now the world is in a craze of this game, many of people get addicted because of the reality and graphics of a game. The game is trending in every corner of the world, due to amazing features in the game its has huge no. of users to play this game. That becomes the big reason of people playing this game carefree without having any idea that, how much its harm your life and others too. Every day in headlines there is a mention of Pokemon Go game and its bad effect on the life. If you want to play this game well, but keep yourself alert from any kind of an incident.

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