Free VPN For Hotstar 2023 [Watch Hotstar Outside India]

Hotstar is an Indian streaming platform where you will get a vast library of movies, series, sports, dramas, etc in many languages. Hotstar is available in many regions like India, the US, the UK, Canada, and many other regions but it is restricted in many countries so if you live in a country where Hotstar is banned then you need to use a VPN. 

Only VPN can help you to unblock Hotstar free, in a globally banned region and even help you to secure all your online activity from a third party. Many people are looking for a Free VPN For Hotstar because of the low budget. 

For Our Team, It is not easy to find the best VPN for Hotstar Free because many VPNs can’t give you the server where Hotstar is banned. After a lot of research, we provide the list of best private VPNs to access Hotstar in a restricted country without any limitations. 

So Today here we discussed the free Hotstar VPN which can help you to watch your favorite content on Hotstar. I also mentioned the list of free VPNs. To get more information or knowledge related to this topic continue reading this post. 

Is Free  Hotstar VPN Safe?

No, Free VPN is not completely safe because in Free VPN you’ll get limited features, and sometimes it harms your privacy because with the use of a Free VPN there is a chance of data leaked. Free VPN is not completely secure as compared to paid VPNs. 

Risk on Free VPN For Hotstar

There are many risks involved in free VPN because sometimes you want to access geo-restricted content by using a free VPN. The main thing about free VPN is that you will not be able to access all the features of VPN. Free VPNs always give you limited features. But Don’t worry I recommend to you the best Free VPN for Hotstar. 

Below I also mentioned some significant issues you face while accessing Free VPN. So read carefully all the steps. 

  • Weak Security – If you are using Free VPNs then you will get free security which can reveal your online activity or data to third parties like hackers, or cybercriminals. 
  • Streaming – Free VPN doesn’t always allow you to access all geo-restricted sites or content. 
  • Resources – It doesn’t have enough resources to hide your IP address so there are also chances to reveal your actual Identity to the ISP’s services. 
  • Buffering or lags – In Free VPN there are limitations in speed or security so you can also face interruption while watching Hotstar and your internet speed gets affected. 
  • Sell your Data – Many free VPNs earn money by selling your data from a third party and that can put your privacy at risk. 

Tips on How To Select The Best Free VPN For Hotstar 2023

Here I mentioned some basic things which are important to see while choosing the free VPN for Hotstar 2023. 

Server location 

For Indians who are living outside India and watch their favorite Indian Drama for them, the server location is the main thing that can help them to connect to targeting cities to watch content. 

Unlocking and privacy

If you are going to download a free VPN then you need to see the unblocking or privacy feature because it helps you to unblock Hotstar all around the world without causing any issues. Also, keep your online privacy secure from outer attacks or malware issues. 

Fast Speeds

Go with the use of this VPN for Hotstar Free to watch which has fast speeds so you can watch Hotstar with high quality without any interruption. 

Compatible with your device

Free VPNs have limited supported devices as compared to paid ones. You need to check the compatible device while going to use the free VPN for Hotstar.

4 Best Hotstar VPN Free

Best Hotstar VPN Free

After testing the lots of free VPNs we listed 5 free VPN for Hotstar 2023 which can allow you to access Hotstar from anywhere without any hassle. Below Down, you will see the all-mentioned Hotstar free VPN. 


  • CyberGhost – Unmetered VPN Server for Hotstar
  • Tunnelbear – Secure Streaming Hotstar Free VPN
  • Windscribe – Best Free VPN For Hotstar
  • ProtonVPN – Fast connection Hotstar VPN Free

CyberGhost Unmetered VPN Server for Hotstar

CyberGhost is also a well-known virtual private Network service provider which can help you to connect to the targeted region to access Hotstar content like T20 World Cup Free. Actually, it’s a pretty good free VPN for Windows, if you’re streaming Hotstar But In the Free version of CyberGhost, you will get a limited number of servers or features. It is also the best VPN For Bilibili so you can easily access or stream the video-sharing Bilibili app in china without any issue.

Features of CyberGhost VPN for Hotstar

  • Limited servers
  • Unlimited data 
  • Supported with 7 devices
  • Unblocking feature
  • 24/7 support
  • No data leaks
  • Dedicated IP
  • 45 days money back guarantee

If you want to access all features of CyberGhost VPN then you can go with use of the CyberGhost Coupon Code during the Black Friday CyberGhost sale and get it at a reasonable cost. You can also use this for Cyberghost’s and it provides Best Server For PUBG so you can easily access PUBG from anywhere without any limitations.

TunnelBear –  Secure Streaming Hotstar VPN free

TunnelBear is also the free VPN for Hotstar India and it helps you to access Hotstar without any hassle. In TunnelBear users also get secured features which allow the users to connect with any servers where Hotstar is not restricted. 

When we compare the security & streaming quality of TunnelBear with NordVPN, you’ll find kind of similarities between TunnelBear & NordVPN

 Given below I noted the features of TunnelBear that you get while using it for Hotstar.

Features of TunnelBear For Hotstar

  • Strong Encryption
  • Unlimited Secure browsing
  • Block Online Tracking
  • Hide your Real IP address
  • Stream Video Faster
  • Technical support

TunnelBear also gives you paid version if you want to get more privacy then you can take the paid version of Tunnelbear because it is more efficient than the free version.

Windscribe – Best Free Version for Hotstar

Windscribe is the best free VPN for Hotstar outside India and with the help of it you can easily watch your favorite content or series on Hotstar outside India without any restrictions. Windscribe allows you to switch or hide your real IP address from the ISPs. Users also get many features in Windscribe.

Features of Windscribe for Hotstar

  • Servers in 63 countries and 110 cities
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Windscribe offers an ad blocker named R.O.B.E.R.T
  • supports a wide range of devices such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, and browsers.
  • No, identify logs
  • Static IP’s
  • Split tunneling

ProtonVPN – Fast connection Hotstar VPN Free

ProtonVPN is the following VPN on this list of the best free VPN for Hotstar 2023. It is a creation of Proton Technologies AG and a VPN service provider which has headquarters in Switzerland. Since 2014, it has been working in this sector. It helps you to stream Hotstar from anywhere.

Due to the compatible nature of ProtonVPN, you can setup this VPN for KaiOS, Android, iOS, and many other device platforms.

Features of ProtonVPN

  • High-Speed Server Up to 10Gbps
  • AES-256-bit encryption
  • supported with Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, iOS
  • ad-blocker feature
  • Unblocking feature
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

List of Paid Hotstar VPN 

Here is the list of some paid VPNs if you are interested to buy Paid VPN for extra privacy or features then you can simply go with the use of Those mentioned VPNs which helps you to Unblock Hotstar from all around the world without any limitations.

How to Watch Hotstar For Free?

With the use of mentioned steps, you are eligible to watch Hotstar for free without facing any hassle. So just read and apply the all steps carefully to watch your favorite content or shows on Hotstar. 

  • You need to Log in with a VPN service provider
  • Then, download one of the browser extensions or apps offered by the VPN. Make sure to install the appropriate version for your device.
  • Open the VPN and connect to the Indian server, US, or Australia to access Hotstar
  • Go to Hotstar and select your preferred content 
  • If you’re still experiencing geographic limitations, try deleting the cache and cookies in your browser before refreshing it.

Does Hotstar Detect VPN?

A similar method is used by Hotstar to identify VPN services or VPN IP addresses and blacklist them. Therefore, unless the provider adds improved stealth features, you won’t be able to get around Hotstar’s IP detection technique even if you use a proxy service.

Which Hotstar VPN is Full Free?

Windscribe VPN is a completely Free VPN for Hotstar and with the use of a free version of Windscribe, you can connect to any provided server to watch Hotstar content without any hassle. 

Is Free VPN For Hotstar Safe?

No, Free VPN is not completely secure and While accessing a free VPN to watch Hotstar, the chances are increased of revealing your real identity. Sometimes you faced so many interruptions while streaming Hotstar.

Few VPNs are not compatible to unblock streaming sites like Hotstar, Hulu, Netflix, etc. So if you want to access Hotstar without any interruption then you should use the paid VPN which is more beneficial or secure as compared to free VPNs.

Is it Legal To Watch Hotstar With VPN?

VPN is legal in many countries but sometimes It depends on the region where you can access Hotstar with VPN means if you are watching Hotstar in a restricted country where VPN is banned then it may be illegal to use. But before using a VPN for Hotstar you need to read the all laws and policies of your country. 

If you live in a country where Hotstar is banned then you can go with the use of a VPN to unblock Hotstar in a restricted region. VPN helps you to watch your favorite content or shows all across the world without any limitations. In case you access illegal content then it causes some problems for you. Otherwise, you can access VPN for Hotstar without any worries.

Why Doesn’t My VPN Work With Hotstar?

If your VPN Doesn’t work with Hotstar then there is a high chance that Hotstar has blacklisted the VPN server which you are using while connecting. This means you won’t be able to use your streaming account until you are back in a supported region.

Which Is The Best Free VPN For Hotstar 2023?

CyberGhost is the best free VPN to watch Hotstar because it gives you an unmetered server connection while accessing Hotstar and keeps your all online data or activity secure from third parties like hackers or cybercriminals. 

How To Use VPN For Hotstar?

Just follow the all-mentioned steps by step process which help you to use Hotstar VPN.

  • You must register with a VPN provider.
  • Next, download one of the VPN’s browser extensions or mobile apps. Install only the version that is compatible with your device.
  • To access Hotstar, launch a VPN and connect to an Indian, American, or Australian server. 
  • Visit Hotstar and choose the content you want to watch.
  • If you’re still encountering geographic restrictions, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies before refreshing it.

Which VPN Works For Hotstar?

There are many VPNs that work for Hotstar like CyberGhost, Tunnelbear, Windscirbe, speedily, etc this all free versions of VPN but you can also take the help of paid VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc which give you full privacy and makes your data private from the outer attacks. 


In the above part, we discussed the list of free VPN for Hotstar 2023 which help you to access Hotstar from a restricted region. Even we also mentioned the list of paid VPN where you get unlimited secured features. If you are satisfied with the given information then you can connect with us for more valuable content. 

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