Is Bard Available In Japan in 2024? 

Are you from Japan and want to know if is Bard available in Japan? Then you are in the right article. Today we will give you the solution to enjoy Google Bard in Japan. 

If you are not aware of Google Bard, we will explain it to you. Bard is a pre-trainer tool that is capable of giving you all the information to your queries. But Google Bard is not available everywhere. 

Can I Use Bard In Japan?

No, you can not use Google Bard in Japan. If you try to open Google Bard AI then you will face issues in signing up. For that, you can use VPN for Google Bard that helps you to access this AI software in Japan or other restricted locations.

However, if you’re not familiar with how to set up VPN with Bard, try ChatGPT login for further assistance. It is a powerful AI tool that will guide you on how you can use a virtual private network to access Google Bard.

Why Is Bard Not Available In Japan?

Below we have mentioned a few reasons why Google Bard is not available in Japan, continue reading.

  • Google Bard is under maintenance 
  • Google Bard is not working from high traffic
  • Google Bard has been blocked in your country
  • Server problem for your country. 
  • Google Bard is blocked by the government of your country

These are some reasons why Bard is not available in Japan.

How To Access Bard In Japan With VPN 2024?

As you already know About Google Bards are not working in Japan. Though you can use VPN to access Google Bard Japan as it will change your current IP address to a new IP address.

VPN also provides you a great speed so you won’t feel laggy while using Bard. A virtual private network also gives you many servers that help you to connect with any region where the Bard is available like the US.

How To Set Up VPN To Use Bard AI Tool In 2024?

Follow the mentioned steps to set up the VPN for Bard. 

  • The best VPN installs your device.
  • We recommended downloading a NordVPN
  • Open the VPN and sign up for your accounts
  • Connected to the server where Google AI Bard is accessible. 
  • Login to Google Bard AI with VPN.
  • Open Google Bard on your device and easily use the Bard AI tool.

What Is The Best VPN To Use Bard In Japan?

There are many types of VPN, VPN is helpful for changing your location access to the Bard in Japan. We recommend you should choose NordVPN as it is the best VPN for your privacy. It not only gives access to 5400+ servers in 60+ countries but also provides you servers to bypass geo-restrictions.

NordVPN also provides Kill switch AES-26-bit encryption That makes you secure cyber crime and keeps your personal information private.

While purchasing NordVPN, you can need to use the NordVPN Coupon Code to get a discount at an affordable cost.


If you are from Japan. You can not use the Bard it is officially blocked by governments. But you can use Google Bard AI with a VPN. You need to connect to the server where Google Bard AI is available.

You can use NordVPN to access Google Bard AI in Japan. it gives the best privacy and security while using Google Bard.

Is It Legal To Use Bard In Japan?

Yes, Google Bard is legal in Japan but Bard is not launching in Japan. VPN is used to access Bard in Japan.

What Is The Limitation Of Using The Bard In Japan?

Google Bard is blocked in Japan. If you open the Bard it is not open to your server. If you are using a good VPN you can not access Google Bard in Japan.

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