5 Important SEO tips for Domain Name You Must Know

While going in the hunt for a good domain name, many of us have known how important a domain name plays. Experts take care of every single detail before purchasing a domain name. It doesn’t matter how big or small a website is, you should know once you have purchased a domain name then it can’t be renamed like a username later. That’s why you know some most important SEO tips for Domain Name, which not only help you to get your desired domain name but also boost your website performance too.

Nowadays purchasing a domain name that enhances your website performance is not less than an art. But to do that you must have an idea about domains, their extension types and global support.

Before jumping into purchasing a domain name, you must take at least basic knowledge of domain names and how they work. This will help your website to stand out from your competitors and boost organic traffic to your website.

Nobody can easily guess how much worth can be a domain name nowadays because of its history. A perfect domain name can be worth millions of dollars, which will surely make you a millionaire in a single day. But to fulfill this dream you should note down the SEO tips for domain name that help you when nobody is there for you.

5 Useful SEO Tips For Domain Name To Boost Your Website Performance

In the way of getting a good domain name, some people use SEO domain name Generator where some use different domain name keywords. Different people can have different tactics to choose a domain name and that’s why you have to choose your perfect one.

Also while purchasing SEO friendly domain names, never ever ignore the price of a domain name. Because you definitely don’t want to spend all your savings just to buy a domain name.

Like everyone, I also have some secret recipe to get a SEO friendly Domain name. Here are some of them, which you can use to purchase a good domain name for your website.

Always Choose a Domain Name Relevant to Your Website

At the time of choosing the domain name, some of us easily get distracted by different brand names and forget the main motive. 

For example, you build a food blogging website and a domain name related to this will be very beneficial and helpful for your website. But if you choose some other name that doesn’t have any connection with food blogs then it will definitely be a drawback.

While picking the best domain name for your website, becoming a narrow minded and focusing helps very much. Because of this, you pick the best domain name for your website that helps your website in different ways.

You can also make a list of your favorite SEO friendly domain names and then discuss with your friends and family. Doing this will give you a rough idea, which domain name your visitors will prefer.

Add Keywords into Your Website Domain Name

In my opinion, one of the best SEO tips for domain name is, you must purchase a domain name that contains the keyword. You can put a keyword on the starting, mid section or at the end of the domain name. It totally depends on your choice, where you want to put your keyword. 

For example, if you are planning to purchase a SEO domain name then you can add travel, trip, visit, or wander words into your domain name. By doing this, a person can easily identify that your blog is based on a travelling niche.

If you are worrying about not getting your desired domain name then don’t worry, I got a hack for this one too. You can use synonymous in the place of your exact keyword. Doing this will help you the same way as your desired domain name will do.

Keep the Domain Name Short and Simple

Domain names are just as our names, so the more your website domain name will be short and simple the more easily your visitors can remember it. Never ever make a paragraph type domain that looks very hard to read.

For example, a good domain name should be between 4-14 characters long. Less character domain names are very easy to remember but very hard to get one at affordable rates. So, try to get a domain name between 7-12 characters, which is likely easily.

Simple domain names also have SEO tips for domain names that many beginners don’t know till the date. 

Meaning Domain Names Are Best

As above, I told you that a domain name must be short and simple but that doesn’t mean you’ll pick a slangy domain name that doesn’t have any meaning.

For example, you should avoid choosing a domain look like this “xtfg” Just because it is short. Rather than this choose “beabiker” Something like this if your website is based on bike riding.

Some beginners thought that making a domain name short will help their website and they try every possible way to make domain names shorter. In this process they made domain name meaningless, which is very bad and not helpful at all.

Meaningful domain names not only help you visitors more about your website but also for the crawlers too. Google has confirmed that a meaningful and short domain name is very beneficial for a website and puts an effect on your website performance.

Avoid Purchasing a Domain Name that Similar To A Big Brand

There are tons of big companies or governments websites globally that obtain a domain name for their website. Some people don’t have a proper idea which domain name they should choose and because of this they pick a domain name similar to a big brand. This is totally wrong because many online scammers are doing the same thing to scam people and because of this reason companies are taking this too seriously.

Similar domain names can totally destroy a company’s reputation and that’s why when they find some domain name which looks exactly their domain, then they either file a case or ask to remove your website. That’s the reason why you should avoid taking a domain name similar to big company name or government website. 

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