How To Write SEO Friendly Articles?

People spent so much time to write an article but they are not even in the top result. Have you wondered why?  Well, the simple answer is that their articles are not SEO-Friendly articles and don’t have even an idea of how to write SEO Friendly articles.

We all know that “Content is King” so in my opinion writing SEO optimized articles is not a big deal if you can write a good article and you had read our previous article on content writing tips then this article will boost your knowledge.  By some tips which I’m going to tell you, how to write SEO Friendly articles

It’s pretty easy and everybody can do it but before that, But there are several questions in your mind are like which I am going to enclose in this article:

  •       SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  •       What is SEO-Friendly article mean?
  •       What is SEO Copywriting?
  •       How to write SEO Friendly articles?
  •       What should be the length of that SEO-Friendly article?

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

In simple words, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method that improves the ranking of your web pages on search engines which increases audience traffic of your website.

What is SEO?

This helps you to rank higher than your competitors which have the same niche as yours.

How does SEO work?

Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc work on an algorithm which considers two following things before showing them on the search result.

  1.     Relevant
  2.     Authority

Everybody knows what happens when you open Google and search for something, It will bring you a relevant result which you are trying to look for. Let me give you an example as you searched for an SEO course on google by typing “SEO course in Delhi” then it will give you the result of All SEO courses with related searches like “best SEO couse in Delhi”, “SEO course near me”, etc.

What are SEO-Friendly articles mean?

When It comes to SEO many people have a misconception that only spraying keywords makes your content SEO friendly article. There are some terms who tell you how to write SEO Friendly articles.

You have to understand that keywords are only those words people searches on search engine like “best SEO institute” so here best SEO institute is the keyword.

Your content should not overstuffed with keywords and you know that “An excess of everything is bad”, So try to write a good article an optimized it with SEO. 

If you overstuff your article with keywords then it becomes hard to understand it for people and also your website can be penalized by Google. So do some hard work on a good article.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is a method where your article must contain key phrases that people used to type in search box to find the information. It should be enjoyable for your audience and also drive quality traffic to your website.

SEO copywriting helps to get your niche customers and solve their queries and problems with high-quality content. This helps to build trust between you and your audience. SEO Copywriting has some elements which are very important to look out for.

Some Important Elements of SEO Copywriting

Important Elements of SEO Copywritig

  1. Site Speed: If you want people will visit and stick to your website then this is the first thing you should worry about if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. The researcher said that 40% of the audience left a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and also 47% of users have the expectation that a web page must load with 2 seconds. You can use Pingdom’s website speed test to test your website speed.
  1. Headline: Your headline is the core of your content, We all know that your content is very valuable but most of the readers judge an article on the basis of their headline. If they found your headline interesting then there is a higher possibility that they will surely read your article. Attractive headers are a key factor of SEO Friendly articles
  1. Content: “Content is King” and by this line, you can easily understand that It is the main thing. Its like heart to a body. Search Engines like Google put priority to those websites who have relevant content which is searched by people. If your content is the same as a user looking for then your priority will be higher in google search engine.
  2. Meta Description: Meta description is just like a map to a tourist, It helps Search engine to understand that what your topic is all about, why your targeted keyphrases keep appearing in the content. In simple words when you put Meta Description into your post that tells google bots that this article is all about which topic and the keywords you used for which information. For example, if we make an article on books then we will give a short description of the article in the meta description and also use our keyword “best SEO books 2023” something like this. An SEO-Friendly Meta Description must contain a short conclusion which appears in Search Engine and should be at least 140-160 words.    

How to write SEO Friendly articles?

Before starting writing articles you have to do the most important thing is research, You can’t just shooting arrows in the dark. You have to think about your audience, what they want? How you appeal to them?

Important things to write a SEO-Friendly article

Here are some important things you should consider to write SEO Friendly content:

1.Keyword Research: You should know about your goal of writing an article and Keyword research is the first thing you should look out for. You have to think like your audience and then you have to choose your keywords according to your niche.

According to research, there is a higher possibility to improve your ranking by using medium-length keywords compared to short length keywords. So choose a keyword which ain’t that small that is impossible to get you on the top list or that long which is impossible to look for.

 2.Well Structured: A well-structured content is the second most important thing which is necessary for SEO Friendly articles.

 A well-structured content means your articles must have these elements:

  •       Title with Keyword
  •       Wrap Title into H1 Tag
  •       Subheadings in H2 Tags
  •       Use Meta tags
  •       Use image with Alt Tag
  •       Keywords in the first 100 words
  •       Use Outbound links and Internal links
  •       Use LSI keywords
  •       Put Social Sharing option
  •       Post Long but interesting content


  1. Length of the Article: This question is very common among beginners that, What should content length for SEO? Or Minimum length of SEO Friendly articles? A study said that “An article should be at least 300 words if you want to make it SEO-Friendly” and also there is an SEO adage “length is strength” which simply refers that long content rank higher compared to small contents. So if you are writing SEO Friendly articles then just don’t count words, Your article must complete your title intention and also the question of your audiences.

4. Use Small Paragraphs: According to research people like to read small paragraphs that contain not more than 4-6 lines. A very long paragraph makes your article boring and your audience will skip it for sure.

 You should focus on these points before making a long paragraph:

  • The audience wants quick answers which should be easily scanned.
  • A short paragraph increases readers’ interest compares to longer paragraphs.
  • Short Paragraph mostly contains important points.
  • The chance of making mistakes becomes less.
  • Small paragraphs make Illusion to readers mind that your article is small and white spaces attract more readerships.

 5. Use Image with Alt Tag: Your article should have at least 1 image related to your blog with the Alt tag where you hit your keyword. Crawler read everything on a webpage and when a user searches for a particular image on a Search engine it reads your image name. 

Yes, image name not the image because crawler can’t read the image. That’s why you should rename your image to relevant not like “img001” or something like that. 

You can add more images but it should be relevant and attractive not like dull and irrelevant.

6.High-Quality Content: High-quality content is real answers to real people’s question which becomes an important asset and worth sharing. High-quality content can improve your web page authority in less time and also it gives you benefit for a long time.

 Some tips to write high-quality Content:

  •       Know what your readers want and that’s what high-quality content is all about.
  •       A reader wants their answer in their language.
  •       Focus on customers not only on selling because a relationship is much more effective.
  •       Regularity is a must thing you have to do, It doesn’t mean daily but you have to focus on a particular time when your users know that you are going to post something new.

 7. Inter-Linking: An interlinking connect your one page to another page of your website. Google trace links to find out which content is related to your site and which is not, also the value of that content too.

When Google bot visits a website homepage then it starts to render a site. Then follows the first link by which Google finds out the relationship between different pages, posts, and content.

Google finds a new post quicker if they are linked from the homepage compared to not linked posts. So try to link every new post to some similar post of your own website.

 Google focus on some important things which are linked:

  •       Page relevance
  •       Relationship between pages
  •       Authority of page

 8. Sharable content: Keep in mind if you’re making a high-quality content then there must be a shareable option right down where readers easily find out.

Why? According to research a shareable content is much more worthy than a non-shareable content and also it’s reader’s engagement becomes 700% more compared to others.

 Yes, you read it right 700% which a huge ratio of readers and you are missing that much quantity just not using sharable buttons.

SEO Content Writing Tips

SEO content writing tips

  1.     An Article should be well written without grammar mistakes, Engaging and also contains some information.
  2.     Give it a suitable and approachable title.
  3.     Break into small paragraphs.
  4.     Use your main keyword into Title and Subheaders.
  5.     Don’t stuff too many keywords in the article.
  6.     Your article based on some useful tips, Amusements or other valuable information.
  7.     Take time and look for what your audience wants and provide them with full information.
  8.     Use at least one main keyword at the end of the article.
  9.     Building Trust between you and your audience is much more effective than your random sale.
  10.   Be regular and updated.


SEO Friendly articles is pretty much a smart work. You have to look out for the search engine algorithm as well as people’s appeal. If you figured it out that how does it work then you can boost your website in a small time.

When you can rank higher with these methods then why take risk of Google penalty. It’s not about  “How to write SEO Friendly articles?”, It’s all about thinking just like your audience and providing them a solution into their language.

If you have any questions or suggestion then you can give your precious feedback in the comment section.

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