How To Sell Digital Art In 2024 – Can You Make Money Selling Digital Artwork?

Do you know you can sell your art to earn some passive income? As an artist, creativity must be your primary goal but making money with your art can also be your priority. If you create digital art, you can sell it online to earn some money. The traditional way is to showcase your work at an art gallery or an exhibition but there is a better way. You can sell your digital art but the most artist doesn’t know how to sell digital art? Let’s see some of the best ways available to sell digital art online.

What Is A Digital Art Print?

Before we head towards, let’s know what exactly is digital art print because understanding it will help you to sell digital art to make money as a digital artist.

Digital art print could be a few things. It could be art created on a desktop or a tablet using applications like CorelDraw or Clip Studio Paint, which are some of the best digital art software. It could be a photograph or a painting that you have painted on a canvas. Such digital arts are usually available in formats like .tiff, .jpg or.pdf.

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When someone buys your digital art, you actually send them a download link that they can use to download your artwork as many times as they wish. Later the buyer can easily print the art from a printer.

Where And How You Can Sell Digital Art?

You must have heard someone’s digital art sold for millions but how did they sell their art online? There are actually a few major ways that you can use in order to list your digital work to earn some passive income. Some of the best places to sell digital art online are:

  1. Social Media
  2. Marketplaces
  3. Etsy
  4. Freelancing
  5. Website

These are some of the best places or you can say ways to make money with digital art. Let’s discuss each of them one by one.

Social Media

Sell digital art on Social media

If you want to sell your art digitally then social media should be your first choice to start with. The main reason for choosing social media is its almost zero cost. You can create a free Facebook or Instagram account and list your digital art.

The second and the most important point to choosing social media to sell digital prints is its reach. Today, almost everyone uses social media to stay connected and updated. By listing your art on social media, you’ll be able to reach thousands or millions of social media users who could be your potential customers.

All you have to take a screenshot of your art and upload it with the price and description on various social media accounts. Interested buyers will contact you through DMs. However, selling digital art on social media also has a drawback as many interested buys will negotiate and ask you to drop your art price.

Once the interested buyer completes the payment, you have to share with them a download link that they will use to download your digital art.


List your digital art on marketplaces to sell digital art online

Market places or E-commerce websites are at a booming stage. Millions of people use e-commerce websites where they can buy almost anything right from their smartphone or desktop without going anywhere. So why not use such platforms to sell digital artwork online?

Some of the best place to sell digital art online are Amazon & Alibaba. All you have to create a seller’s account on these websites and you are all set to sell your digital art online. Once your seller’s account is set up you can list your digital art prints on them along with price, description, and download link that will be available for customers when they complete the payment.

Just like any other way, marketplaces also have some disadvantages. You may need to legal documents to sell your art on their platform and if you don’t have them, you might not be able to list your products.

Also, such digital art selling websites and marketplaces have huge competition as hundreds of people like you are also there to sell digital art to make money. Although. You can use your social media accounts to promote your digital art for maximum reach.


Create account on Etsy to sell your digital art

Etsy is another great and best place to sell digital art online. It is also an e-commerce website but the major difference is the approach towards sellers. Etsy allows sellers and small business to sell their unique products including handmade goods, digital arts, etc. Besides, it supports independent creators by connecting them directly to the customers.

Selling digital art on Etsy is as easy as filling out a form. All you have to create an account on Etsy and log in. Now click on “Add a listing” and upload an image of your digital art. Now, fill in all the required details including title, description, price, type, etc. You can also post a note for buyers to let them be aware of some important information. Besides, you also have to update a download link that buyers will use to download your digital art after payment confirmation.

What you may not like about Etsy are the charges that you will be paying to Etsy as a seller. The listing fees, transaction fees, and other cuts are some of the main fees that you will be paying to Etsy. Also, there are many sellers who copy others product and list duplicate products or digital art through their accounts. So be careful of them while selling digital prints.


Get digital art projects from freelancing websites to earn passive income

Freelancing is something that has become quite popular in recent times as it gives people the freedom to work in their own comfort. Whether you are a digital comic create who uses comic creating software or you create a digital art with any program, there is always something you can do as a freelancer. As a digital artist, you can sell digital art as a freelancer by completing small projects that you have received from your client. For each completed project client will pay you an amount.

Now, you must be thinking about how and where you can get freelance projects? Well, there are various websites available where you can grab many freelancing projects as per your expertise. Some of the best freelancing websites are Fiverr and Upwork where thousands of businesses and freelancers collaborate with each other.

You can sign up on such websites as a digital artist to sell digital art online and approach the clients who are offering digital art projects. Once you get a project, create digital art as per the client’s requirements and share it with them and the Client will pay you the decided amount for your work.

The only drawback of freelancing is its huge competition.  Sometimes you may find it hard to get the projects as for a single project hundreds of freelancers approach clients. Sometimes freelancers grab the project by asking the lowest price. To avoid such situations, complete your project with a high standard so the client will offer you more projects in the future and that’s how you can sell digital art online to make money.


Set up your own website to sell digital art online

Last but not least you could set up your own website is the best way to sell digital art online. However, setting up a website is the hardest and most time-consuming task but if you work in a better way it will result in a huge number of customers on your website. Creating your own website will help you build your own brand, grow your audience and customers along with maximizing your profits.

Setting up a website needs various things along with technical knowledge. First of all, you have a purchase a domain that would be your website’s identity. Besides, a cheaper and the best web hosting service is another important aspect that you need to purchase for a website. However, as a beginner, we would highly recommend you to purchase a shared WordPress hosting that you can get at a reasonable price.

Now apply a thems and optimize your website as a store where customers can visit to buy your digital art.

However, the cost is one of the major downsides of setting up a website. At each expiry, you have to renew your domain and web hosting which would cost a whopping price.

What Do I Need To Know Before Selling My Digital Art Online?

The major thing you should be aware of before selling your art online is you actually giving the buyers the right to print the file as many times as they wish for their personal use. However, purchasing your art doesn’t give them the right to sell the file or print them for someone else. They can’t use your file for commercial purposes and if you find some doing so you can ask them for royalty or take legal action.


So hopefully, now you are ready to sell digital art online to make money. For beginners, we would highly recommend you use your social media account and freelancing websites. But if you have a good amount of experience using marketplaces and setting up your own brand by creating a website would be a great step forward.

Is Digital Art In Demand?

Although, digital art is still under development phase but the demand amongst the people is huge. Creative ideas and an unconventional approach towards digital art make digital artists high in demand.
Whether you want to create and sell custom journal design ideas or some grand project, you can expect to succeed.

How Much Can You Sell Digital Art For?

The pricing of digital art could be anywhere from a few dollars to a million-dollar, depending on the quality, complexity of the digital art.

How Can I Sell Digital Products Without A Website?

Social media, freelancing websites, and marketplaces are some of the best ways to sell digital art that you can use to earn a good amount of money.

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