The Biggest Rumor of Upcoming HTC One M10

The HTC has created its own reputed position in market of technology, the products of this flagship are known for the best quality. The last release HTC M9 is really beautiful look wise and the design was also impressive. But, the Smartphone was slightly disappointment because of the fast battery drainage. The HTC’s Smartphone is worth of your money.

The market is full of rumored about new SmartPhones of different brands. But the HTC One M10 device is creating the biggest rumor for the success in market. This is become mystery when this Smartphone will hit the market. The HTC M10 will bring with better features, new look and design for attracting the Smartphone lovers.

HTC One M10

Alleged Specs of HTC One M10

Here are some specs and features are alleged by rumor in market, this time it can make happy the buyers with new HTC One M10.

Battery Backup

The last released HTC M9 has weak battery life and its make the device lovers discouraged. The flagship tries to make improvement in their SmartPhones. This time the HTC one M10 has quickly chargeable and backup for the two days. The Smartphone has the non removable battery for more efficiency.

Rear Camera

After the big failure of HTC’s camera for photography, the company tried many time to hit the market. This time the camera of HTC will defeat the all other brands like Samsung, Nokia and other companies. The camera will be 12MP with laser focus and for extra clearance the dual LED flash is supportive.


Other Features

The phone comes with fingerprint scanner, 1080p screen for better experience of purchaser. HTC One M10 also having waterproof features, and this time it can be with dust proof. For the extra savings of data the Smartphone has 32GB internal storage and for fast work of apps and phone it has the 4GB Ram.

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