Common Mistakes Bloggers Make when Making Infographics

Nowadays, infographics have become a trend. If you spend too much time surfing the Internet, you will find out that most of the blogs and websites are offering them as additional content to their posts. Since they have become so popular, there’s no surprise that more and more people want to learn how to create an infographic of their own. A lot of software tools have been developed for this purpose and a ton of infographic examples have been published online. And it is not a bad thing at all! All those great minds who share their knowledge with others deserve our gratitude!

What Are The Common Mistakes Made By Bloggers While Making Infographics?

However, as information starts spreading on the Internet, it becomes more and more difficult to sort out what is good and what is not. When it comes to infographics, some bloggers make a lot of mistakes while creating them, like:

1. Using inconsistent colors for the infographic elements.

2. Choosing the wrong colors for background and text.

3. Forgetting about margins, leading, alignment, etc.

4. Skipping out on typography completely or using too little of it to emphasize their point.

5.  Overcomplicating things by adding unnecessary information which can make their infographics look cluttered.

6. Not considering how small screen resolutions might turn out to be a problem when designing an infographic.

7. Making infographics that are so lengthy, readers can’t finish them from start to end.

8. Not knowing when to stop! Just because you can add more content doesn’t mean you should. Having a zillion things going on in one infographic will only distract the reader and take away from your main point.

9. Choosing not safe images to illustrate their points, especially if these images are lacking proper licensing or are subject to copyright.

10. And most importantly, not understanding that infographics are not about them, but about their readers!

If you want to make infographics in the right way, you need to consider avoiding making these mistakes at any cost! There’s no secret that making infographics in a blog is a good idea and it will stand out from the crowd now. But if you make a single mistake, all those efforts will be wasted! Your readers deserve your best work and they won’t mind waiting for it as long as you don’t disappoint them in return by making mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

So what should you do instead?

Here are some ways that you must consider while making infographics.

Color Scheme

First of all, you need to be very careful while choosing color schemes for your infographic. The colors that you choose should make it easy for the readers to read and understand your content even when they can’t spend too much time looking at your infographic. Also, avoid using contrasting colors such as black and white together with bright red, etc. It might grab attention but these colors also cause eye strain! When people look at them for a long time, they start feeling uncomfortable and will eventually look away from your infographics.

Another important thing to consider when choosing colors is that you set things right from the beginning. Don’t change your mind halfway through your project because it will only make things worse! The color scheme of an infographic should be coordinated properly from start to end. If you think there’s any need for a change, do it all at once to make sure you don’t lose track of things during this transition.

Take a look at the color combination of this timeline infographic:

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The most common mistake that people make when it comes to typography is that they either use too little or too much of it! They don’t consider using different typefaces in an infographic and think a single font will be enough to make everything clear for them. But the fact is, there’s no such thing as a single font that can do all the job perfectly. In addition, avoid adding more than one voice in your design because it might add up to confusion if not presented properly!

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A common mistake made by most designers is that they often lack patience when working with infographics because they try to finish their project as soon as they can and end up rushing things. So, you need to keep in mind that infographics are not just about putting some random information together! They require a lot of planning and research before starting the design process so take your time before deciding if your infographic is ready or not! Also, don’t forget to check out the stats related to the topic you want to write about because this will help you with more ideas for making an interesting infographic design.

Keep Target Audience In Mind

Last but not least, you must always keep your target audience in mind! A single mistake could ruin everything for you if your readers are not able to understand how useful your infographic was because of some bizarre choice you made while designing it. Remember, there’s no use creating an infographic if people don’t find it interesting enough to read. So, try to make things easier for them by avoiding fancy or hard-to-understand text and stick to simplicity whenever possible!

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